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Test for the Rest of my Life


Hi guys, new to this forum, I apologise if this has been posted before.

I was hoping some more experienced users/professionals could weigh in on the pros and cons of using ONLY TEST for the rest of my life. For example 8 weeks on 12 weeks off of 500mg/w of a short acting esther (or 12 weeks Test-E), rinse and repeat till thy kingdom come.

The main points I'd like addressed (if you'd all be so kind) are the health implications and how the body would adapt, also if I would need something like ADEX throughout these cycles.

More information if it helps/is relevant:
6 ft 3, 270lbs, 20-25% BF.
I have done one cycle, 500mg Test-E 12 weeks, experienced 0 negative side effects short term and my bloodworm came back pristine.
I am not a professional nor do I wish to be, I want to look good. As such, I've made the decision that I do not want to take anything stronger than Test, nor a dose higher than 500mg. I know many of you will say that you can safely take stronger steroids, but I dont want to take the risk so please keep this discussion to Test only!

Thanks in advance guys.


do you really think anyone can tell you answers to this?

I'm genuinely curious. Like how do you expect us to know your own individual genetic makeup and the sides you will get and what can happen with long term complications??

Do research yourself to see what possible sides are and think critically if the risk vs reward is worth it too you.

And never going above 500mg test you are eventually going to plateau if you really stick to this for years and years.

Finally no offense but fucking diet dude, you have no business running gear at 25% bodyfat.


Perhaps that is why I am here asking, I'm doing research and asking people who have more EXPERIENCE than I do. As for my BF, I diet down to 10% every year, dont assume I'm ignorant of nutrition or training just because my current stats aren't brilliant. Try to use your brain rather than acting like an arrogant fool.


If your blood work is pristine and it continues to be (draw blood every 3-4 months) then you should be okay.

I don't think your huge weight swings are particularly healthy though. Bouncing between 25% to 10% every year is taxing on the body.


Lol acting like an arrogant fool. Well 99.99% of people 25% bodyfat don't fucking diet to 10% every year. And if dieting is so simple why the fuck would you ever get fat as shit? Should be easy to grow staying below 15% right?

Forget the advice then have fun with your dumbass fucking idea.


" if I would need something like ADEX throughout these cycles."

That question speaks to your ignorance. You have no business talking about cycles when you do not understand the risks and basics.

Your survival of one stupid cycle should not be empowering you to maintain a reckless attitude.

Read the stickies here and:

If you break your HPTA, there is good info in the TRT [testosterone replacement] forum stickies.


As KSMan noted, you've obviously done almost zero reading if you have to ask whether or not adex is necessary, particularly if you're going to be doing many cycles.

I'm very confused about your goals though. On the one hand, you said you just want to look good. On the other hand, you willingly gain a significant amount of fat. I suppose we all have different aesthetic preferences, but I would think someone who simply lifts to look good would maintain a low (10%ish) bodyfat year-round. I do it. It's really not that difficult. You certainly don't need to balloon to 270 fucking lbs, at any point. I would never, ever go above around 15%.

And don't worry. Nobody here is going to suggest anything other than test. If anything, people here will be more likely to suggest you lay off the gear entirely, given everything you stated in your original post.

And finally: Many, many folks see a lot of benefit from doing test-only cycles for years. Even at low doses. Eventually you may decide to raise the dose a bit, but it's not necessary if your goals are modest. You NEED to read more though. If you had to ask about adex, my guess is you know little or nothing about PCT. And what you think you know is likely incorrect, as the information on PCT that's prevalent on bodybuilding boards is generally terrible. If you want to run several cycles per year indefinitely, you'll need to get your PCT right. Otherwise you will end up on TRT very quickly.


One of the most stupid ideas ever. Cycle test for 3 months and 3 months off it's OK... but decide to do it for the rest of your life? I don't get it. Why don't you try TRT, maybe with some Doc? I don't know your age, but doing only test like you said, it's like doing other drugs when thinking about supressing your HPTA. I can only think you are an undecided guy, afraid of making a decision. Doing this test 3 ON 3 OFF it's like... "I want to use test" for 3 months and "I want to totally recover" for 3 months (losing almost all your progress).

I see the future, 3 months feeling like God, and 3 depressing months, maybe feeling like super shit!, trying to kill yourself. I don't see the point, but I'm not you, so... how can I judge you? Yes I can, you posted this here, in the forum, so we all can judge you.
To use anabolics its not rocket science, but you need to make a choice, you cannot stay above the wall, undecided...

And you need to study a looooooooootttttttttttttt about PCT if you want to do this shit.