Test For Shoulder Injury

during a “bad form” front squat with 150kg I injured my left deltoid.

It is about a week that i have this little but annoying problem that prevent proper training (no heavy benchpress, no heavy military press, no heavy chin up, no dips…)

I would like to know if (and at which dosage) test prop can help to have a faster recovery

AAS would help only with muscular damage, which wouldn’t last too long anyway. It seems like you may have heavy bruising, or perhaps you stressed a tendon. In any case, AAS won’t help either of these situations. I guess I should ask what specifically hurts?

On a side note, a ton of people ask medical questions online. Perhaps I can start a business and have people submit waivers for me to give medical advice over the internet. I bet there are people stupid enough to pay for e-doctor visits.

I understand your e-doctor note :slight_smile: however I see a doc and what i have is a bit of damage caused by heavy “pressure”…

my problem by now is related to the “front raise” of the left arm.

I have used heavy poundage on front squat using a “crossed arm” set up, like here:

(sorry for the bad description but i don’t know how to better describe the set up)