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Test for Female & My Next Cycle

  1. Female friend of mine is getting hugely into powerlifting and wants to run Test prop at 25mg twice a week. I have warned her of all possible sides and reccomended Anavar or something along the lines and she said no she wants the real deal. So ok no budging my question basically are there any ancillaries she needs to be running and being her first cycle whats a fair estimate of strength gain for a female?

current Stats-
5'2" 125lbs
Squat- 150
Bench- 105
Deadl- 195

  1. Just update finished up last cycle a few weeks back and have been cruising about to start next blast pretty soon. Cycle put together by a much much stronger friend than me. Goal is pure strength if size comes great if not I dont care. Getting ready for a powerlifting meet in November and want to compete 220.

Weeks 1-10
1000mg of Test E
400mg Tren E
50mg eod Tren Ace

Weeks 11-12
1000mg Test

week 15 Cruise 4 weeks 4 Blast leading up to comp.

Arimidex and Nolva on hand

  1. 15-25mg E4D should suffice.. though she may need to adjust it according to her goals. I hope she is prepared to accept the consequences if there should be any.

she may want to use less androgenic compounds like Eq or NPP..

women do use AI's and Serms as well.. adex .5mg EOD should be more than enough and only used with aromatizable AAS

  1. use adex .5mg EOD at least, and keep a close eye on your blood pressure


Thanks Walkway that's what I was hoping for. Eq was what I tried talking her into but she wants something that hits quick and hard and says she dont care about the masculine effects but we will see and we both be paying very close attention to that. She was gonna do E but I talked her into Prop so if she did see beg sides she could drop it immediately and hopefully they wouldn't be permanent and I am def pushing Eq if she will wait to get it.

Trust me my wife is riding my ass about blood pressure so we are trying to get it lower.


yikes. Chicks fucking about with test worries me


I have talked to few females who have ran it liked it and a few who could not and wont do it again. But the ones who liked it and handled the sides well said size came on great, recovery was awesome, could eat more, and sex drive was absolutely insane at the same time orgasms cam twice as easy and twice as hard haha just a fun fact I guess.


lol I've got some prop left over from my last cycle and the missus' birthday is coming up...


Not even gonna lie my wife ran it for two weeks and started bloating really bad and didn't like it so she stopped but after 3 or 4 days oh my good god. She was worse than me in high school and could cum almost on contact the only time she hs ever forcefully squirted haha She loved it but just couldn't deal with walking around like a marshmallow but, she has lost some weight and since this chick has brought ot back is contemplating running it again and keeping diet very clean and water intake through the roof to try and fight it not even gonna lie I seriously hope she does.


I take it your gonna b/c from here on out now reed?


Yeah I have been on now since August 2012 at atleast 300mg of a Test as week and have never felt better and wife loves me. Like I have said before I'm alot easier to get along with when I am on and I hate how bad I feel during the PCT stages.