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Test Flu Immediately After First Pin?

Hey guys, I’m new to anabolics and just started my first cycle yesterday. Test e 250 twice a week and 25 mg Proviron ED. Two hours after first pin felt a little strange and today I feel like I have a flu. I know a little about test flu but was wondering if it could happen this fast? Any help on this would be great. Thanks.

I’ve had “test flu” about an hour after 1 of my Shots. Chills so bad I couldn’t stop clattering my teeth, week fatigued. 5 hours later back to normal. Was weird.

Yea it’s strange. Hopefully today will be it. Pain in the ass but no pain no gain I suppose haha

Ran into that on my last cycle. I was using a high-concentration test from a new (to me, at least) lab. First injection (TRT dose in the left lat, a week or two before the actual cycle began), lat swelled up like a balloon and got sore and hard as a rock. Weird dry cough whenever I would take a deep breath, but didn’t happen during lifting for some reason. Felt like complete ass for about a day, then got better (aside from the soreness, that is - that lasted for quite some time). Symptoms would come back each time I injected, until I cut it down 50:50 with sterile oil. Then it would still come back occasionally, though not as bad.

Point being: from what I read, the general consensus is that this is due to high amounts of ethyl oleate in the gear. I forget why it is used by some when making AAS, but it is one of the byproducts of alcohol metabolism in your body. Shitty hangover after a night of hard drinking? Due at least in part to build up of ethyl oleate in your system (or so I’ve read. I’m no biochemist).

I also herd that test cyp you are less likely to get the flu. Not sure if that’s tru.

take aleve makes the aches go away…