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Test Flu and Particles in Test E Vial

Hello all,

I finished running a 10 week test E cycle at 500mg a week 3 weeks ago. I wanted to cruise on low dose test E @100-200mg a week to maintain the great results I had. My source was unable to come through right away so I had to wait for more test E. I had been off for close to 3 weeks and received the new vial on Wednesday. I immediately pinned 250mg(1ML) into my left glute. After two hours I began to get the onset of a very bad cold followed by a soar throat and then fever. Thursday and Friday the symptoms progressed and today(Saturday) only the runny nose is left. When I inspected the vial I noticed that there are 15-20 small white particles floating in the vial. I suspected the gear was crashed so I put a glass of water in the microwave until it boiled and placed the vial 3/4 into the glass. I shook it every minute or so but the particles are still there. Everything I read about Enanthate says that it should go back into solution pretty easily but mine won’t. I cannot find any info on the UG lab that produces this stuff. I am wondering if I should hear it longer or just filter out the particles with a filter into a new sterile vial. I have done test before and never got this bad of a reaction even with prop. When I started my last cycle I felt a slight weakness and flu feeling for maybe 2 hours and then it went away. This time it is 100x worse. I only went without exogenous test for 3 weeks so why am I feeling like this? Today I need to pin again and I will only do 1/2cc. Anyone experience anything similar(flu) and if so how long did it last. Also any tips on the particles inside? I know I should have done PCT after the cycle I just did but I would rather cruise and taper down then run PCT.

Depends what those particles actually are. Are they pieces of the silicon stopper? Are they contaminant? Or are they (unlikely) bits of the remaining crashed hormone? If it’s me I toss the stuff. Odds are that it isn’t contaminated, but test is cheap and getting yourself sick to save a few bucks isn’t worth it.

First I just want to reccomend that you order more than one vial if your gonna start cruising.

As far as the particles go in my opinion you have 2 options.

  1. buy a filter,a new vial and take the necessary steps to clean the test.
  2. trash it

If your source is a friend you need to say something to him and don’t settle for a “oh that’s normal answer” if you source is a online vendor find a new one. That is not a good sign.

After heating it more extensively the bigger particles started to ‘trail’ and break up a little bit. It turned a little cloudy around the particles and then when I shook the cloudiness disappeared. There are still particles. Hopefully if I hear it more it will dissolve the rest of the particles. I pinned 1/2CC which is half the amount of the first pin 6 hours ago and so far my symptoms of test flu have not worsened. How long have you had to heat test E to get it back into solution?

I’ve never had crashed test before. I’ve had a vial that was contaminated with a foreign substance but never crashed.

PS a hair drier works as well.

Test flu tends to be caused from etiocholanolone and it’s immunostimulant properties. Ever see bloods from a guy blasting absurd amounts of test and his WBC is high… That’s etiocholanolone in action for ya (assuming you’re gear is reasonably/ decently sterile, if you’re legitimately getting and/or fighting an infection from poorly manufactured gear that’s a different story.)