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Test Fest: Texas?


After seeing the great success of the Test Fest, I would like to suggest that the next Test Fest be held in the Lone Star State. I'd like to get input from other T-Members about making this happen.

It seems we have quite a few of us in Texas, and I think it would be a great location. We have several major cities that could host it(Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston) Of course, as Phil suggested, get help, don't try to do it all yourself. So I'm putting the feelers out.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


I recommend Austin. Here is my argument:

  1. Several universities are there, close to the bars/clubs packed with Vixens.

2.A number of T-Members are stationed about an hour away.

  1. Several universities close to areas where the convention could be held, swarming with Vixens.

  2. Great places to pack away Texas sized steaks.

  3. The universities supply swarms of Vixens

  4. Not all that expensive to eat, pick up the Vixens, and get lodging.

And did I mention that there are great swarms of hot chicks that hit the clubs and bars on 6th street on the weekends?


I'd most likely attend if there was a test-fest in Texas, Austin being my first preference (since I live there).


Hey, it doesn't matter to me, I'm in San Antonio it's a short drive. Other things like a hotel/meeting room to hold it at are important as well.


You see my point of view on all the college hotties then.


Yes, and in addition to sororities, it has some great places to eat as well.

Houston is better...at everything....except football.


I'll show, if someone sets it up. Although I would request that all music must be approved of by Dave Tate, so no country-western would be permitted. grin


I'd be down for whatevers, but Austin sounds pretty good to me as well, lots of hotels, lots of chicks, lots of bars(6th street,) lots of steakhouses.


I don't know anything about the hotels that accomodate the convention, or the convention centers, so someone familiar with the area would need to be directly involved in the site location. I would definitely support a high-powered audio system cranking out some high-octane metal.

One necessary piece of info would be the number of people showing up, of course. I suggest that some equipment be available for demonstrations and some one-on-one with the coaches (i.e. Dave Tate helping correct form with the lifts, CW working his ideas, etc). Several of us in the state have power racks and weights. If I have time off to show up, I'd definitely lend mine.


That is a STELLAR idea.



I'd be down for Texas Test Fest. Just let me know the time and place. I really don't have anything to bring with me besides my fat ass. -Starkdog


I have a friend that does seminars across the country, and has done many in Texas also. I'll ask him some advice on where to hold it, as well as price of the facility, etc.


I'm in OKC, and had thought about working on doing one in Dallas. But Austin would work out well, too. I am thinking about going to CC early in the summer (Mem day), so that may be a good idea.

What can I do?



Dear Texans,

The problem with Texas is that nobody wants to f*cking go there. You may be able to fool the unsuspecting, but those of us that have been there know what I am talking about.

Seriously, the only people that want to go to Texas already live there. When was the last time anyone said "Man, I wish I could move to Texas"?

Now, "Man, I wish I could move to California / New York / Colorado" ... I have in real life heard that.

What again is the draw? Girls and steak? Wwooooow! Great idea, as there are just so many lady killers among us. Sounds more like tube steak (boogie) to me.

This should adequately agitate the "Texas is the greatest planet in the universe" crowd.


PS: If you do have a Texas T Fest, I would come but only to place a boot to the nutsack of one "rainjack."


What's the matter? Not enough steers and queers to tickle your pickle?


HAHAHAHAHA! Dan, you never disappoint! :smiley:

I actually have a friend who is moving to TX because she LIKES it here. (Eh, it's a palce to live. I'm not totally in love w/ the place, but it'll do.)

That said, I'd love to meet you! :slight_smile:


If it happens, I'm there. Texas would be a great place for one.


If the next Test Fest is not going to be any time soon, I will probably show up (funds are still tight and I can't exactly drive to this one).

Just remember that the date or possibility of even having this will greatly depend on if you can get the contributors to agree on a time and the place, and how many contributors you'll be able to get.

They're always a great idea though; just ask Phill how difficult it was to put it together. I'm sure he'd be willing to give a few pointers.


I've talked to Phill about it, but not at great length yet. I'm thinking it will be later in the year. I don't want to attempt to put something together too soon after the last one. I'm thinking the EARLIEST would be summer, but I'm thinking it will probably be further off than that.


I can see your reason for disapproval. I hear there are some great places to shop for scarfs and I am sure you may be able to find a sausage factory if you look hard enough. Girl, it is so hot that if I was you...and I'm not...I would just tie a big 'ole knot in the front of my t-shirt, rip up some jeans until they fit like Daisy Dukes and hit the club scene.

"Work, supermodel...sache, chante"