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Test Fest Schwag Feedback


OK Much like the Thank the presenters thread http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=885487 this is a thread to first show the sheer amount of goods was donated and given away by the various companies and contributors. Also a place for those who received these to give some feedback or inspiration to start a separate thread letting others know your experience with the various goods/prizes you received

Here is a list of all the stuff that was either raffled, stuffed in gift bags or simply thrown at ppl.

60 Tubs Metabolic Drive MRP
60 Metabolic Drive Bars
75 Spike shirts
60 Spike Samples

Dave Tate
68 signed copies of the book "Under the Bar"
80 Someday I will posters
2 Pull Through Handles
2 Blast Straps
31 copies of the Training Template Manual
40 EFS ball caps
15 EFS Beanie Hats
15 Dark side beanie Hats
40 Dark side ball caps to the list
4 Power Belts
10% discount to all attendees for 1 week

Team Staley
5 ultimate EDT DVD?s
1 05 boot camp video
1 seat Oct 06 Training summit

Dave Draper
1 Top Squat
2 Iron On My Mind (Autographed)
2 Brother Iron Sister Steel (Autographed)
2 West Coast Bodybuilding Scene (Autographed)

Hypnosis Network http://www.hypnosisnetwork.com
3 full sets Dr Jack Singers Sports Bundles 5cds each.

Steve Cotter
8 2 DVD FullKontact Kettle Bell training sets

Chad Waterbury
Autographed Seminar Booklet

$100 off Coupons for ALL
1 Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) Course

APT?s Pro Wrist Straps
3 APT?s Pro wrist wraps
2 APT?s Pro Knee wraps
1- APT?s Pro knee sleeves
1-APT?s Pro arm sleeve
6-APT?s Pro sets straps

Alwyn Cosgrove
1- Program Design Manual
2- Combination lifts DVD
2-: Bodyweight Training DVD's
2-: Martial Arts Conditioning Manuals
1 NEW Rules of Lifting

Dan John
6 DVD?s From the Ground Up
2 DVD?s Carried Away

Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey
2 Magnificent Mobility DVD

Mike Robertson
Robertson Training Systems, a three-month training package

Joel Marion
"A free month of long-distance training with me for one lucky attendee. Basically I'll treat said person like one of my paying clients and they'll get a free individualized training and nutrition program with full support for a month."

-2 Sleds
PM him for one of these bad boys

Zach Even-Esh Performance Systems
2-Zach Even-Esh Ultimate Combat Kit DVDs
3- Zach Even-Esh Ancient Training Method DVD?s
2- Zach Even-Esh Gladiator Training Method Books

Marketing Promotions
100 Black embroidered canvas tote bags with the T-Nation Tribal symbol embroidered on them.


For next time, you might want to reconsider not throwing bags with boxes of Metabolic Drive bars at seminar attendees. I thought the chandeliers were going to come crashing down. You know, just a thought... :wink:


I got the one-month of training with Joel Marion!!!

I loved everything in the bags including the tote bag itself (my new lunch bag). However, I think Stacey is now addicted to Spike.


I hadn't tried the chocolate Metabolic Drive bars until this seminar and now I can see what everyone was raving about.

I also won a set of the kbell training DVD's from Steve Cotter. I was thinking about buying this set but held off when I heard about the seminar giveaway. I'm glad I did!

My routine was getting stale and the exercises Cotter shows is getting me excited about training again.

I'm having some issues running the Vol 1 DVD but the Vol 2 DVD is working great.


Nate somehow I think you will find a good way to use that extra energy......but I am disappointed in your lack of ass grabbing during the weekend - or did I just miss them?


The give aways were great! I got a pair of wrist straps and a Elitefts training template manual........

And Phill you did an EXCELLENT job all weekend...........



I was expecting more too. He only grabbed my ass once, which at first I wrote it off to maybe him being jetlagged.

Maybe it was such a target rich enviroment for him that he got overwhelmed.

Forgot to mention for this thread - I've started reading Dave Tate's book "Under the Bar". Amazing book, it's almost like having a portable version of his presentation (but nothing beats the real thing!).


I didn't win anything but the goodie bags more than made up for it. I did score some of the "Flying" EFTS gear which was awsome.

Thanks to all the schwag donators. Everything was a huge success.



I got three DVDs that were really different from my regular training program and goals and I knew I wouldn't use them. I gave them to the guy sitting next to me that didn't win anything. Rather than gathering dust at my house, they are being used at his.


I was the lucky SOB who won the three months of training with Mike Robertson. Rest assured, I'll start a separate thread to track my progress.

Great seminar. Great schwag. Great people.

Bravo, Phil!


I actually made money going to that seminar with all the free stuff I got, unbelievable.

As for my favorite piece of schwag, my pull-through handle from Dave Tate has now had 5 of my clients perform pull-throughs for their first time today... for some reason they weren't nearly as excited about it as I was...


Sounds like T-Man heaven. i really wish I was old enough to go.


You know. I figured there were going to be some complaints that I didn't grab some asses. But I grabbed as many as I could. And since there were so many, most people only got one ass grab unless they were lucky to have their arms and pecs grabbed too!

I'll do better the next time. There just wasn't enough time, and I didn't have enough hands, to do all the grabbing I originally planned.

But I did get Will Hefferman, Dan Fouts, Dr. Ryan, Dave Barr, Dan (Tech9), Devildog, Christina Jenkins, Nate Green, Vegita, TC, Eric Cressey, Dan John, Tiffany John, Alwyn Cosgrove, and a few others!


The rest of us feel so left out :(!


I'll get you next time!!!



He's grabbed mine, so next time we lift together (How about Feb 12, by the way?) I'll grab yours and be a proxy. :slight_smile:


yeah what the hell Nate, I've had grown men slapping my ass consistently for the past 6 years, and now that football is over, I was hoping you'd fill the void...

I left D.C. very disappointed



You were so huge I was afraid to slap your ass and have you toss me around the hotel like a ragdoll!


Can't make it then - I will be lifting at National's....... Can we plan a Day in March? I come back from nationals on the 13th then fly out to World Fire Games on the 15th. Back in March......

Let me know.......also I need to talk to you. Drop me a PM when is good to talk.