Test & Exemestane - High Blood Pressure?

I have been on Test Cyp for about a 8-9 months now and taking 1/4 - 1/2 a cc 2 times a week. I started taking Exemastane about 2 months ago when I felt my nips getting a little sensitive. I took .25mg once a day for about a week to knock back the estrogen levels. The sensitivity went away immediately! I have gotten headaches and dizziness after taking exemastane after a few days. I checked my blood pressure and its 131/79 - 139/80 sometimes I can get it to 128/76 when resting for little bit. What am I doing wrong here? Do I need to do more cardio or take a different supplement? I read on google it could be something to do with water retention?


  • 29 yrs old
  • about 200 lbs
  • BMI estimated at 15-18%
  • Work out heavy weights 4-5 days a week
  • Try to do 20mins cardio at end of my weight training at least 2 times a week.
  • I drink alcohol about 2-3 times a month, just few drinks but not hammered.
  • Diet is pretty healthy! Raw eggs, low sodium turkey bacon, Fish, chicken, beef, veggies, wheat pasta etc… I stay away from all sugars and processed carbs possible except maybe Chick-fil-A sandwhich on weekends… lol
  • I drink lots of water/unsweetened green tea.

Thanks for any help someone can provide.

^are you on TRT?

i have some mild headaches from aromasin, but i guess i didn’t attribute it to high BP. maybe it was…

you might have high blood pressure due to an increase in blood volume from the testosterone, not necessarily the aromasin… had you been checking your BP prior to the aromasin?

I originally had a test level of 247-300 before I started any test cyp. The doctor prescribed me the Cyp and I have gotten blood work every 3 months. My blood pressure has always been a normal 120/80 - 129/80. They have always told me that I not had a problem with my blood pressure.

My Cyp bottle says 200 mg/ml if this helps.

Do I need to take a break for a while? If so, how long?


i did some digging, and found this: Aromasin and High Blood Pressure - Testosterone Replacement - Forums - T Nation

maybe aromasin just doesn’t agree with some guys.

i guess it might be best just to run it by your doctor, and see what they say. if they prescribe you test, then should be keeping on eye on your estrogen anyway…

I was prescribed to take .25cc 1 time a week. I have friends that body build and wanted to be able to get a good bulk so I took .5cc 2 times a week to = 1cc a week. So doctor would see that my test is too high and tell me to back off.

if you’re worried about having 130/80 bp while using steroids, you probably shouldn’t be using them at all. That’s not even that high, now granted, the lower the better to an extent but nothing to freak out over.

Edit: check hematocrit.

I know that aromasin has a fairly short half life, but does anyone know how long high BP sides may last after using aromasin at a dose of 25mg ED?

I experienced a little bit of high blood pressure on Cyp too. It seems to have corrected itself some how. I was also having hot flashes and breaking out into a sweat in the middle of the day for no reason. I got sick with the flu and was too lazy to keep pinning for two weeks while sick. I started back up again a month ago and everything is going much better. No more hot flashes, etc.

I am running 400 mg a week or 1 ml twice a week on Mon/Thursday. I am also running Arimidex 3 times a week.