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Test Ethenate 500mg/Week. Nolvadex Questions

Hey guys after years of floating around T nation, ive desided to take the dive and try gear

im 31
200 LBS
18% BF

reasons for making this dive, is because i always boost the posative effects of gear with supervision of your docter, but ive never done them, and i cant keep saying my normal speal unless i ginny pig up.

So hear is my question, my doc has said that my Nolvadex will stop gyno, and if i start to get gyno signes that i should STOP using the gear and take the nolvadex for 3 weeks to be sure the gear is out of my system.

i get allot of mixed reads on the use of Nolvadex and Gyno symptoms

If i get itchy nips and tender i dont want to continue the use of my staroid, so my question is, is this the right advice from my doctor or will i need an AI?

What. Are you asking if you need a A.I. I would have one on hand

yo that, i am on the hunt for a bottle,

my question was if i STOP using Test Ethenate, and take Novadex for 2 weeks on signs of tender/itchy nips will i be OK. And when is a good time to use the AI, when or if i get a hard lump?

The only concern that I see here is your body fat being high. I like to see guys drop their body fat to between 10-12% before cycling. The more bf you have the more your body will convert t to e. You should not need an AI on that cycle at all and yes tamoxifen will prevent gyno.


I agree with physio, I would try to get your body fat down to 12% before starting your cycle. There is a lot of different opinions here some people think Nolva and test only are okay (look at ShadowPro thread) while others would never leave an AI out of the equation. Personally I did Nolva 20mg a day with 500mg of test had my bloods done mid cycle and my estrogen was way up there, upped the dose to 40mg until the end of the cycle and then tapered down, had no sides at all.

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AI to reduce your estrogen BEFORE you get gyno. Like when you are on your test cycle. But some use Nolva to do the same thing, though one is an AI and one is a SERM.

I don’t believe an AI will get rid of gyno but a SERM -may- help.

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Exactly. And also peoples ideas of ideal estrogen ratio on cycle are totally fucked. What blows my mind is that people think their estrogen should be between a normal baseline when they have 3x normal testosterone. That’s just fucking nonsense. The shit is basic. Why the hell would a derivative hormone be at a normal level when the root hormone is elevated. Guys it’s all about ratio. But again being an endo I know nothing lol


Sadly I pind yesterday…

My connection has adex, will this work and do i take it during the cycle

Thank u everyone for this advice and help

As stated before yes but I would not stop cycle in order to prevent gyno flare. Their are other things to do for gyno. Physio didn’t mention it but liver health is of utmost importance for estrogen management. As well as a properly functioning thyroid. Haven’t figured out this one for being on cycle yet to be honest but I have seen it plenty of times, and heard or read about it.

Btw I have winstrol that I was going to run for add strength gains but I’ve been told it’s not worth it? What are your thoughts?

Me personally I don’t get shot from winstrol. Anadrol yes. Superdrol yes dbol we will see soon.

I’ve got my blood work back from the docs ill post the results if that helps?

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I’m glad that I read that is all about ratio and it definitely makes sense!

Thanks for the valuable info Physio!

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So my “conection” has suggested i take 40mg 2x a week of the nolvadex during my cycle, he will order me an AI for safety

so my progame he has laid out is as followed

Nolvadex 2x per week 80mg
Week 1-12 Testosterone-Enanthate :500mg per week
Week 7-12 Winstrol 50mg every other day
Week 13-15 you will take nothing and let the testosterone begin to clear out
Week 16-17 Nolvadex 40mg per day
Week 18-19 Nolvadex 20mg per day


Thanks guys, PS i would have leaned out had i known it helpes… as i said i pined on mondy can i stop the cycle now and lean out or is this counter productive at this point…sigh sry for the noob questions im just thankful a community exists for this

Well my conection is gone for a week, and crazy enough my nips are hard as a rock and itchy, with all the little white lumps puffy, so i saw on another forum that this can happen and dose not mean its gyno, but to be safe i took 60mg of my nolvadex and will do 10mg a day for a week. I wont be doing anymore Test till i can get an AI

any thoughs on this would be grate. at this point im screwd as ive contacted 4 people and have not heard back

You have a lot of good info here from the other members!
I would run the Nolvadex the whole cycle 20mg per day (twice per week wont keep it stable in your blood which is always the goal with any of these drugs). Up it if needed.

Why is it that you want to add winstrol? The only reason I can see adding it, is to get harder and leaner (and for winstrol to do a good job in the system you need to be relatively low body fat…it is a hardening drug so if you’re fluffy there’s nothing to harden). If it’s for strength, there are better options.