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Test Ethanate, Tren Ethanate, Dbol Stack

Info about me
Height 5,9
weight 195
experience 4 years bodybuilding 4th cycle mainly cutting cycles first time going for a big look but still leanish
age 22

Right so im planing on doing a cycle as follows
1-12 weeks test ethenate 500 mg/wk
1-11 weeks tren ethenate 400 mg/wk
1-6 weeks dbol at 50 mgs daily
will be using arimdex .5 mg daily and bromo daily to counter progesterone problems from tren
Pct will be as follows
week 13 500 iu hcg ed
week 14 500 iu hcg eod and 40 mg nolvadex ed
week 15 40mg nolvadex ed
week 16 20 mg nolvadex ed
week 17 20 mgs nolvadex ed

Guys please tell me what you guys think iv done tren before but while cutting and going lean and i love it i decided to go wirth it instead of deca duo to the fact that i dont want too hold too much water and keep as much gains as possible oppinions please

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Have you ever had issues with tren, I also wouldn’t advise bro no first I would say caber first since it’s pretty much side effect free. Also at your current stats that’s a a lot of gear.

I agree with Noris. The numbers seem a bit high. I personally do think tren is worth the side effects over caber. But Noris has a good point. Regardless, if you want more specific advice just hit me up.