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Test Ethanate Homebrew is an off Color.


I just got 10g of test eth. from a trusted supplier, I've done homebrew in the past but this time the powder had a yellow tint to it is that normal? Also, my final product has a dark orange color to it.... the sesame oil I used was very hot, is it possible that the test could have been burned or denatured in some way because of the heat?


Why was it very hot?

I have heard of it being yellowish to look at occasionally - and i know that it doesnt necessarily mean it is weaker or anything. not saying it wont be of course!

Maybe you got tren enanthate instead... :confused:


I usually heat my oil in a beaker placed on top of a hot plate before I add in the test and BA just to kill anything that might be in there. I turned the hot plate off but added in the test while the beaker was still on it... does anyone know if its possible that I burned my test?


I know i have a short fuse but still - dont you think it is kinda necessary to tell us the temperature you heated it to? A little common sense maybe - or maybe you dont know..

Anyway - There should be no need to heat the oil alone, as once you add the BA to your carrier oil, the alcohol will kill any bacteria or whatever - so in the future you are safe putting it all in a cold beaker and mixing, then heating gently.

For this batch, if the temp was not too high then adding the test to the hot beaker wouldnt have 'burnt' it. IF the temp was not too high!

Lastly my advice would be to....

use it.



Thanks a lot, will do.


it is possible you burned the test,but unless you had the oil hot enough to fry things in it I dont see that happening

what color was the powder, was it white,eggshell kind of dirty looking

was it crystals like fine sugar or was it powdery like flour.

you may have tren instead or it may be the oil you used,and there may be nothing wrong with it


Orange color would be consistent with highly heated tren. Your powder sounds like it could have been tren as well, but who knows.

Was your powder kind of soft and clumpy, or what is more dry, fine and powdery?

In any case, if you ran it through a .22um filter it probably won't give you any troubles. However, if for some weird reason you really did get tren instead of enth, that could cause you some problems... Not a mistake I would expect a supplier to make, however, as tren powder costs significantly more than enth.


Oh my god.

What temperature was it "Jefferson"?


I totally agree with the above posts. I've seen test e powder with quite a yellow tinge which when brewed was just as good as any other.

The change in colour could just be from the oil/powder mix but it does sound like the change in colour when Tren oxidises through heat.

OP - Use filtration to sterilise, not the initial warmth used to make sure everything dissolves/mixes well. There's simply no need to sterilise twice.

[edit] Just a thought, could you take 10ml or so and heat it further? 20 minutes at 110C and report back on any further colour change?

If it IS test then it should stay the same colour. If it darkens further then you may well have tren.


Excellent idea my man.



Good idea. I'm curious about this now and would like to hear the result if you do.


What if it's just some contamination? Don't they use the powder machines for basically any medical production especially if coming from China. So if there is some traces of tren, so what? But then again does a trace amount color a whole batch? No idea.

Disclaimer - I am just guessing here. Not a biochemist.



I have worked in manufacturing plenty - and trust me, there is no chance there will be traces of one material on the machine when another is ran through it.

Even when talking woolmills - in "t'mill" we used to have to air hose the whole thing and get the 'fettlers'(guys with brushes!) in to scrape the wheel combs that spread the fibres of the wool, after each batch ran through it. Thoroughly.

Can you imagine a pharm company producing a product that has another compound in from manufacturing errors?

I can just picture this printed on drug labels now...

-packed in a factory which handles steroids-
may contain trenbolone

Seriously i can imagine that the factory where the large batches of drugs are made - say AAS - share the oil prep facilities for each product, but it splits off to deal with each individual chemical separately...



working in a cola factory, we use the same machine for cola,and lemon lime and root beer ect, same machines same tooling different flavors. like what was suggested with this.

between runs we took a hose with DI water to it and hosed everything off. also took apart the machines every night and cleaned them. and this was soda flavors.

so I would imagine a pharm maker would atleast hold the same standards we did


Brook and MaddyD,

Ok good to know and kind of makes me happy as I thought this kind of level of cleanliness was not always used.



its used in lesser manufacturing processes so I would assume it would be used here as well.

I think that if he got something other that test it would be a packing and shipping mistake of the distributor part and not the production part.


The powder was clumpy and it was pretty moist. It would seem unlikely that they would have sent me tren by mistake as you pointed out cortes, especially because this particular supplier only sells tren in 5g increments and I got 10g of powder. I'll heat up a few mL's on Monday to see if the color darkens more.

And yes, I did run it through a watman filter.


moist and clumpy? but was it white or more yellowish?

also is it cloudy at all or just dark?
Pm me real quick I have a few questions for you lets se if we cant figure this out


Hate to be the one to tell you but 10g IS an increment of 5g!

For fuck sake! Haha!


I'd say it sounds like enth. Enth can be anywhere from white to yellow to a beige color, so far as I know.

If it is, I have no idea why your oil would be so dark.