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Test Esters and Active Test Mgs

Im wondering if anyone has a link showing active test or a way I can calculate the Active milligrams of testosterone after all esters are removed from:

Sustanon 250
Test Enanthate
Test Prop

I have found some random sort of figures but no explanations as to how these were calculated and doubt their accuracy.

I am doing this as I want to match doses I have used in the past of test enth and sustanon with Prop in active milligrams.

Comparing aplles to apples basically to figure out what I will run on a 2 off 2 on cycle series with prop.

Cheers in advance

Google the weight of the esters. Then google the weight of the testosterone molecule. Then compare those numbers to the # of milligrams of testosterone ester you have. Subtract the esterweight and you’ll see how much active T you have.

Active mg of T in test prop per 100mg is about 82

Test E is something like 74

Sustanon requires 4 calculations.

Knowing this stuff is ncie but knowing it for the reason you want is a bit excessive. A 5-10mg difference will be unnoticeable when using 500+ mg at a time.

Cheers bones thanks heaps.

I know im a bit anal with documenting, recording, calculting and comparing things.

Its for an upcoming 2 on 2 off series of cycles.

Basically I want to use as much active test with prop (or slightly more) as i have used on my heavier test enth/sust cycles but keep the cost of prop dow cause the stuff is expensive this is why im doing this.

Also I figure in a perfect world (which of course doesnt exist too many variables) and in theory if im using the same active mg of test per day, I should expect same or similar estrogenic sides/conversion and require same/similar sort of action plan against it.

So i should know mostly what i need to get beforehand cause I know what ive used in the past.

Thats basically why.

Thanks again

Anal, but I your rationale seems to make sense.