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Test, EQ, & Var


I will be starting a cycle (test, eq, & var) on Sunday (Oct. 2) and plan on running it for 11 weeks. I have all my pct (clomid) together and am going to run nolvadex from week 3 to week 10. I plan on frontloading the eq starting Sun. and the Test this coming Wed. I have 210 5 mg var pills and I was planning on running it like this:

week 1: 6 ed
week 2: 4 ed
week 3: 3 ed
week 4: 2 ed

week 8: 6 ed
week 9: 4 ed
week 10: 3 ed
week 11: 2 ed

My question(1) is should I keep this part of the cycle the same or should I pyramid the var?

week 1: 2 ed
week 2: 3 ed
week 3: 4 ed
week 4: 6 ed

week 8: 6 ed
week 9: 4 ed
week 10: 3 ed
week 11: 2 ed

You are probably wondering why I am spliting the var up? My reasoning for keeping it split is because I wanted something for the begining of the cycle while I waited for the others (test, eq) to kick in. Also I wanted to have it at the end to harden up as much as possible.

Question 2: Should run the var together or should I keep it split?

Any knowledgable thoughts on the subject would be helpful.

Thank You


  • i like to see you are frontloading. however, why not just take 2 shots per week, with BOTH test and EQ, you can mix them in the same syringe you know. i don't get the frontload being split up by compound, thats' all
  • i like the AAS stacked
  • 10,15,20 mg var is a waste. stick to 30 mg ED and run it for 5 weeks at the end of your cycle (you have enough for 5 weeks at 30mg ED if my math is right). consider getting enough var for 30 mg ED for 8 weeks, and run it right up until your PCT start time.
    -pick up some d-bol and run it as your jumpstart, weeks 1-4, 25 mg ED should be just fine.

my 2cc's


I think running the d-bol in the beggining of the cycle is a good idea but I don't have enough nolvadex to cover the first weeks that I would be on. Plus my funds are quite limited at the moment. It took me quite a while to aquire what I have now.

I also see your point on the var dosage. Running the var all the way to pct was also on my mind but I was just stating before, a setup for what I have at the moment. I should be able to aquire some more var towards the end of my cycle so I can run it up to pct. That would be ideal.

Also on a side note:
Would it be a good idea to run T-3 towards the end of this cycle?

Thank You


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ok, your funds are limited...understandable. you will now get the advice you probably don't want to hear.....which is, wait a little longer and save some cash. then make sure you have put an ideal cycle together. you should also know that your grocery bill should increase aswell....something folks often overlook.

get financially prepared and make your cycle experience as good as possible. you've put time and effort into researching and designing a cycle, and obtaining necessary components....what is another month or two in the grand scheme of things?!

good luck bro.


Yes I understand what you are saying. I know I should wait. I know I can later obtain the extra var to run untill my pct. I'm planning on getting that in the next month or so. I guess I am being somewhat impatient.

On a side note how big of a differance would the d-bol make for those first 3 weeks that I'm waiting on the others to start doing their job? How much will it effect the whole scheme of things in the long run? The d-bol is obtainable for me its just a matter if it is that important. Like I said before, I would like to have something to jumpstart my cycle but the funds are hurting in aspect of what I'm going to be having to spend on food.

Once again would it be a wise idea to run cytomel(T-3) at the end of my cycle?


What juice suggested, using 5 weeks of 30mg var e/d your last 5 weeks makes the most sense as it will really help solidify your gains as you initially wanted. I will be altering my cycle in this manner.

T-3 , used improperly can result in muscle wasting?
Correct me if I'm wrong?

wouldn't one be better off cycling clen and ephedra if fat loss and muscle preservation were ideal?




the issue i see with running the T-3 at the end, is it would possibly cause some muscle loss when you're getting ready for PCT.


Hey Dezz I'm glad to see that you are going to run your var like juice stated. Are you going to try to run it all the way to your pct? If so you might want to start planning that out. Let me know. I will be trying to aquire my extra var around the end of Oct. towards the beggining of Nov.

Also thank you dezz and juice for the t-3 info.

But back to the d-bol, I want to know if it is going to make that big of a differnce in the whole scheme of things after the cycle is over. Because I will probably start my cycle this Sun. (Oct. 2) unless I get some important information on why I need to wait for the d-bol.

Thanks for all the info so far.



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i like d-bol at a moderate dose. good pumps, quick stamina and moderate strength boost, quick mass (water, but that is good at the beginning of a cycle....protects those tendons a bit)....plus it gives you a good sense of well being, makes me happy all day. only used it twice...but thats my experience with it.


Ok, thank you all for the advice on the d-bol. You guys make it sound very promising. I have never personally used d-bol in the past but I will definetly consider using it in the near future. I have always prefered injectables over pills in the past (liver reasons), but I'm beggining to break that barrier expecially now that I'm going to be using the var later on in my cycle.


the liver toxicity of orals is overrated.


I don't mean to hijack, but I figure this question is along similar lines. How do you feel about a cycle of EQ and Anavar only?

I'm a AAS virgin and still in the research phase. Both EQ and Anavar appeal to me, as they are 'mild' anabolics, both mass building and side effect wise. From what I have read up on so far, both are suggested as best when stacked with other agents. I have found little reference to these stacking with each other. The only brief reference I found put these together with tren (I think?) as a cutting cycle.

From what I gather, and my knowledge is limited, these two may go well togther. Neither cause bloat or water retention. Anavar doesn't convert to estrogen and EQ may, but not likely. Neither cause much suppresion. I would expect this stack to contribute to density, strength and muscularity, a strong shift in body composition, and a mild to moderate mass gain.

Like I said, I am in the research phase,
so please torch away and poke holes in my logic. I haven't even thought about dose and timing (although I suspect this would be a longer cycle, 8-12 weeks?)or PCT. Any info will be appreciated.


Add test e and run the three of them together for 10-12 weeks. d-bol the first 3-4 weeks if desired. Make sure you have your pct together.

Ok now that I have my thread back...

I started my cycle this past sunday (oct. 2) and I injected 2 1/2 cc.'s eq (500 mg.) into my left shoulder with a 23 gauge 1 inch needle (I plan on injecting 3 cc.'s, 750 mg. test e, using a 1 1/2 in needle on wed., glute med.). Right after my injection my shoulder muscle spasmed for about a minute and then began to relax. Yesterday and today my shoulder is quite sore and not just at the point of injection. The reason I used a 1 inch needle instead of a 1 1/2 inch needle was because a very experienced aas user at my gym, told me I did'nt need to use the bigger needle because of less tissue and fat in my shoulder compared to say a glute injection.

Also after I pulled the needle out a very small bit of eq came out with some blood. I always have done glute (med.) injections in the past and I know the blood is expected, but I am wondering if the rest of what I experienced was normal.

I would appreciate any knowledgable feedback on the subject.

Thank You

I will soon be posting my full 11 wk cycle regiment


Test E:
wk 1: 750 mg
wk 2: 625 mg
wk 3: 625 mg
wk 4: 625 mg
wk 5: 500 mg
wk 6: 375 mg
wk 7: 375 mg
wk 8: 375 mg
wk 9: 250 mg
wk 10: 250 mg
wk 11: 250 mg

wk 1: 500 mg
wk 2: 500 mg
wk 3: 500 mg
wk 4: 500 mg
wk 5: 400 mg
wk 6: 400 mg
wk 7: 400 mg
wk 8: 300 mg
wk 9: 300 mg
wk 10: 200 mg

wk 10: 30 mg e/d
wk 11: 30 mg e/d
wk 12: 30 mg e/d
wk 13: 30 mg e/d
wk 14: 30 mg e/d

wk 3 - 11

wk 15 - 17


I look forward to watchin you get HYYUUUUUGE

best of luck


Taper Test E and EQ huh? I'd keep it the same dose throughout, but that's just me, and I could be mental. I like that you end EQ a week before the Test E. I see you've been studying.

Good luck with your proposed cycle, and spread love and peace throughout the world.


I'm guessing since nobody is replying to my thread about the shoulder pain it is normal and I should'nt change anything about my shoulder injections. I might actually start using a 1 1/2 inch, 23 gauge needle on my shoulders from now on so i can be sure my muscle is absorbing the aas to its maximum capabilities.


Bro, you injected 2.5 cc's into your delt. That should tell you something.

That's a lot, I had to work my way up to that until it was comfortable. 1" is perfectly fine. You injected a large volume, so it's going to be sore. It's a relatively small muscle, so it can't handle the same volume glutes can... at least not right away.