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Test/eq/var - Specific Goals in Mind


Hey guys,


Height - 5'11
Weight - 188.8lbs this morning
Bf - 12ish percent
Age: 34


Ok... well I've gone from 123 at this height (I know...) to 155... then struggled, and ate EVERYTHING that wasn't nailed down... till I got up to 165...

From there.. I did a few light test cycles... 250mg/week for 8 weeks etc... gained, and kept about 16lbs...

Over the years... I've never really gone higher then 500mg/week of test, and haven't really run anything longer then 12 weeks.. I've kept things simple... I've done:

Test only/250mg week (a LONG LONG time ago...)
Test/deca/dbol - 500/300/40ed
prop/Npp/var - 100EOD/75EOD/40ed
Test/deca/eq - 250/300/450

These were done over the course of around 10ish years.. I've been as heavy as 210, and bloated... to as light as 175 and ripped @ 6%

My goals in the past: Get HUGE in the winter/Ripped in the summer etc...

Things have changed...

I have moved on from regular BB style training to Muay Thai training instead...

Seeing as I'm 34 now... and am looking to use Muay Thai to stay in shape, and maybe compete in some amateur stuff, as well as wanting to look good (who doesn't...) I proposed this

CURRENT GOAL: To lean out, not gain much more mass, but get vascular, and ripped, while maintaining my gas... so high doses are out.

Weeks 1 - 15 - Enanthate - 250mg/week
Weeks 1 - 13 - Equipoise - 450mg/week
Weeks 1 - 13 - letro - 0.625/EOD
Weeks 11 - 17 - var/40mg day

PCT 40/40/20/20 nolva


  • TKD or CKD... if I have enough energy with martial arts training.


  • Cardio - 4 x week either 30min in the am or HIIT in the aft.
  • Weights - 3 x week on a WS4SB III template
  • Muay Thai - 4 x week

Thoughts?? Flames??

Have at'r


Up the EQ to 600mg/wk. Keep test around trt, maybe 200-300mg/wk with AI.
Var run 60-100mg ed wks 1-8 or 1-10.


Hows you diet look? post it up so others can pick.


If you don't want to get much bigger, I'd drop the EQ. It's known as a mass drug and it'll increase your appetite.

I'd use masteron instead, since you won't want to use tren if you want to keep your cardio ability.

Also, there's no real reason here to run a 17 week cycle. Run it for 10-12 weeks, as that will be 12-14 weeks of total suppression before you start PCT.

Use much more than 40mg of anavar per day. 60-80, if not 100mg per day. Run it at the end of the cycle in the same manner you proposed above.


Not everyone responds the same to each drug-especially EQ, but considering what rrjc is saying, Mast would be nice;)

IF NOT going with EQ, 10-12 wks is good. EQ needs min 15 wks imo.


Thanks guys... Appreciate it...

I was only running the eq for 13 weeks... the test for 15... the only compound I'm running past 15 is the var.. from 11 - 17...

The reason I am using the Eq is for the increased RBC... and the fact that it apparently is supposed to help with gas... for Muay Thai training... I didn't want to use anything that would impede that...

Does masteron have the same joint drying properties as winny? My joints are horrible... so I want to stay away from that if so...

As for my diet... I was thinking about something like this:

Wake up:

5 BCAAs, Multi-vit, 2g Vit C, 4 Shark Cartilage caps

--- Fasted Morning LISS Cardio ---


Meal 1:

1 - Scoop(s), 100% Whey Gold Standard
2 - oz, Almonds (dry roasted)
2 - tbsp, Udo's Choice

Meal 2:

6 - Whole Eggs
0.25 - cup, spinach

--- Weight Training ---

Meal 3:

3 oz - Chicken Breast (no skin)
0.25 - cup, Broccoli (raw)
1 - scoop, Gatorade
4 Shark cartilage caps

Meal 4:

1 - Can of Tuna
2 - tbsp, Flaxseed Oil
1 - tbsp, Reg. Mayonnaise
1 - oz, Almonds (dry roasted)
5 - BCAAs

--- Muay Thai Training ---

Meal 5:

1 - scoop(s), 100% Whey Gold Standard
1 - scoop, Gatorade
5 - BCAAs

Meal 6:

3 - oz, Chicken Breast (no skin)
0.25 - cup, Broccoli (raw)
2 - tbsp, Udo's Choice
500mg Calcium 2g Vit C, 4 Shark Cartilage caps


Protein: 181g
Carbs: 94g
Fat: 179g
Calories: 2684


30/14/60 ratio on training days - with carbs around training, I'll omit the Gatorade on my off days... which brings it to:

30/5/65 ratio off days.

That's a total of 1g protein/lb lean mass.. I was thinking I should maybe up this to 1.5g/lb though... and even the rest out... not sure...


You need to eat more. The carbs could easily be around 300g/day and same with protein. -They could be higher then that, my carbs are around450g and protein around 350g and thats on a natty bulk, no aas.
AAS will suck that food right from you, you need more to fuel and feed your ass-busting body.
If you need to be in a weight class, still up the cals, and cut at the end. You need fuel while on cycle. My maintainance cals are around 38-4000 cals weghing 192 5'6 low bf.
good luck


Yeah, if you're doing "weight training" and "muy thai training" in one day I would want roughly double the amount of cal/protein that you've laid out there.
Doesn't seem like very much protein for the amount of food laid out either. How much protein per serving are your shakes? Just because a serving size is one scoop doesn't mean you can't throw in more than one scoop. Even something like 1.5 scoops adds up when done multiple times a day.


Yea.. fair enough guys.... I'm going to retool this... more to a

40/30/30 ratio... with 1.5g/lb of protein.... Lemme work on this, and get back to you guys


Meal 1:

1 - scoop(s), 100% Whey Gold Standard
1 - cup, Quaker Oats
0.5 - cup, Berries

Meal 2:

6 - Large Whole Egg(s)
1 - oz, Almonds (dry roasted)

Meal 3: (Post work out)

2 - scoop(s), 100% Whey Gold Standard
2 - scoop, Gatorade
1 - scoop, GlycoCarb

Meal 4:

1 - Cans of Tuna
1 - tbsp, Reg. Mayonnaise
1 - cup, Brown Rice (cooked)

Meal 5:

6 - oz, Chicken Breast (no skin)
1 - cup, Broccoli (raw)
1 - oz, Almonds (dry roasted)

Meal 6:

5 - oz, Chicken Breast (no skin)
1 - cup, Broccoli (raw)
1 - tbsp, UdoĆ¢??s Choice

There... that looks a little more satisfying...

That's around 3000 calories... 250g/250g/110g Protein/Carbs/Fat


Thats getting better, Id still suggest bringing your carbs up to maybe 300, and same with protein, you want to stay lean but you still need energy(fats and carbs) while the protein builds muscle-not just repairs the damage done durring training.

For starters Try to aim for 300g carb, 300g protein, 110-140g fat and adjust as you go for more protein or whatver.

Maybe switch some of that chicken to thighs, not breast and add olive oil to a couple meals-just a little drizzle. -olive oil on the veggies would work well.

For meals like "meal#4" add 2 cups of milk, thats about 250-300 more cals right there in one meal. and 16g protein.

Add low fat cheeses/yogurts, oats and so on, adding just a litte here or there will pop those cals and proteins up.


Id still up the protein and carbs, add a tall glass of milk in some of those meals, add cheese, yogurt, drizzle olive oil on the veggies.

Its getting better though


^My bad for the re-post. The site didnt register the new post went up, so I re-posted it lol


shakes fist @ site lol

Thanks man... I'll for sure get on that.. I guess I wanna stay lean too... but I need the fuel.. appreciate your help!


I like to start with Thib's Carb Cycling Codex to figure out my basic breakdown. Then i add about 20% while on AAS. Sometimes i find that isn't even enough to gain. You sound like you are extremely active, so you may need more calories. Shoot for close to 2g Protein per lb body weight, then base everything else around that. Eat your carbs around your workouts. This is nothing new, but i find i can way more carbs that i expect and not gain any fat. Dont be afraid of the carbs!


No problem, you'll get it just write it all down and edit it here and there.

For your shakes-if you have a blender, put 1 scoop whey with 1-2 cups milk, 1/2-1 cup of oats, and a bananna, or even a glob of pb. Thats a full meal right there, sometimes easier to do it liquid(at least for me in the early am and preWO)

If you get sick of tuna w/ mayo, try it with ranch dreesing you might like it-I dont use mayo ever since i tried the ranch.


Ranch with tuna fish??? Are you canadian??


Woah la... ease up on the Canadians... lol... Ranch and Tuna sounds delicious! :smiley:


Nope, USA. german/english family.

Try it out and see how it is you might be suprised. Im one of those guys that puts mayo on almost anything, and ranch with their pizza lol.