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Test, EQ, Tren, Dbol - Advice Needed


Hi all, trying to plan out my cycle properly this time round to best utilize the time that my body is suppressed. I’ve set it up the best I can but I not sure but some things so any advice you can offer or changes you’d make would be greatly appreciated.

Some info bout me. I’m 27, done three cycles, been 1 year since i finished the last one. Bout 220lbs approx 18% bf. Lifting since I was 16yo. Cheers.

Test P week 1-3 100 eod (tapering down?)
Test E week 1-12 700
Eq week 1-12 700
Dbol week 1-5 40mg
Tren A week 7-15 100 eod?
Test p week 13-15 100 eod (tapering up?)

Aromasin week 1-15 12.5 per day
HCG wk 2-15 @500iu per week. week 16 @500iu per day (first time using hcg does this look ok?)
Caber ?(not sure when to start or best dose)

Nolva week 17-20 40/40/20/20
Clomid week 17-20 100/100/50/50

Also got sups like Nac, tudca, thistle


Well my first comment is the fact that your dosages are insanely high for a guy running his 3rd cycle which leads me to think whatever you are using is severely under dosed. The supps chosen do work very well synergistically though. Personally I would keep it a little more simple and the reason I say that is in the event you have a negative side you won’t know what is causing it since there’s half a dozen supps working.
As far as the test goes I would ditch the test prop and just start with the tren ace right off the bat which will kick start the cycle off fairly quickly.
Thus doing
700 test E (1-12) tren A (week 1-5) 3-400eq (1-12) I wouldn’t use a lot of eq unless you plan on donating blood, and then d Bol if you really need it.
My .02 cents


Hey Vance thanks for your input. It’s possible my previous juice was a little underdosed but i’m going to a new source now.

Only compound i haven’t used before is tren and it’s ace so I can remove it easily if need be. And there won’t be half a dozen compounds when I start it just the test e, eq, and aromasin. I could do bit less tren maybe wk 8-14.

I’ve read on here some people saying that eq below 600mg isn’t really worth it hence my dosage. I could drop eq and test e too 600 each. Also I have a medical condition so I get blood removed for free.

The reason for test p was to make the most out of being suppressed though I don’t know how quickly test e and eq would actually cause suppression?

I’m still learning, not starting for a week or so yet so I can keep adjusting the dosages and stuff.



I’ve dropped the test p dosages too 100 eod


Tren is a real strange drug because some people react awesome to it and some people get wicked depression sides and all sorts of weird mental stuff goin on and also its going to shut your nuts down hard so keep that in mind if that’s a future concern.

As far as running eq below 600, ive ran it 250-500mg for years and had insane results. Again sounds like weak or fake gear if it takes 600mg of it to notice. But that’s up to your discretion on how much you choose to use. I just don’t like to take a lot of it cause my RBC count goes high quick.

Test E and Eq usually for me I don’t really notice fully kicked in until week 3-4ish so that’s why starting with tren ace or d bol would be smarter than throwing it in later and avoiding the prop. Prop is good but not really needed in my opinion. Again Im sure 10 people will have 10 different opinions but my rules of thumb is less is more, and keep things simple. Best of luck buddy,


Ok I might end up giving tren a miss this run, save it for my next cycle which will be a cutting cycle anyway.

His gear deaf wasn’t fake, I think it just lost it’s potency a bit cause it’s older stuff. I still made good gains. I remember getting a bit of anxiety last time from the EQ so I think maybe your right I did run it too high.

I think I’ll still use the prop to get my levels up since I’ve already got it, but yeah maybe give tren a miss. Should be a good recovery, I haven’t had access to hcg before. Does my hcg protocol look alright?



Got ya. Per adivice of one of the most well respected male hormone Drs in the U.S, the biggest mistake is not using hcg the entire cycle. running 250IU 2x weekly the entire cycle then bumping up to 500IU 3x weekly the last 3 weeks of cycle and then 500 IU ED for 2 weeks following is ideal. along with the nolva or clomid you should be solid. And yea I don’t blame you if you don’t want to use the tren, that stuff is extremely powerful, and definitely taxes the body.


Mint thanks for the help brother!

I just thought of one more question. I’ve ordered some 5000iu hcgs. Do you know if these vials will be large enough to fit the required amount of bac water or will I need to get a hold of some empty sterile vials?



Shouldn’t be a problem.