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Test EQ & Proviron. Can I Also Add Anavar?

Will a test EQ combo for 16 weeks with both proviron and anavar ran the last 8 weeks be to much? Idk if there is any added benefit or side effects to running pro and Ana together

Depends, what dose of each? Both are rather mild orals so no problem running together at moderate doses.

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I was gonna hit em both 50mg a day the last 8 weeks of cycle

Should be no problem for 8 weeks. You’ll be nice and dry.

why Provi, why

Beacuse everyone says it’s the absute shit for a wingman in any cycle

Why not is the question

Man, you want to gain/cut or just want to fuck, that’s the question. Two DHT derivatives is stupid. Stick to the basics.


I’ve decided to go with just proviron .

I’ve heard anavar gives some people neg effects where proviron is almost always positive.imgonna be happy with the gains from test alone i believe. Thanks for input brodie

Oxandrolone is a very mild steroid (more effective in our purposes), choose that over Provi which actually will be worse regarding androgenic SE.