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Test & EQ PCT Protocol

I have Nolva and Clomid I just need to know when to start it and the dosage for it.
My Cycle was
Week 1-3 Sdrol
Week 1-16 Test-E 500mg
Week 1-16 EQ 600mg
I ran HCG my entire cycle.
I am about to begin my second week off everything, when should I start my PCT and how much do I take for how long? Thank you for your help

With EQ you’ll want at least three weeks before starting PCT (although four is probably better). You can skip the Clomid entirely, it’s unnecessary if you have Nolva. You can run it 40/40/20/20 then get blood work two to three weeks later to assess the success of it.

So does that mean I need to keep taking Aromasin till it goes out my system?

Absolutely not. You’ll demolish your e2 if you do that. The more we learn about EQ the more it becomes evident that not only is aromatization not an issue, but it actually can act as an AI all on its own. Guys who run high EQ/low test cycles, no AI, are posting blood work with e2 in the teens.

My understanding is that EQ aromatizes about half as much as test. Is this not true?

Would you have ended the EQ before the test by a week or two, since the ester is a bit longer?

This has been the conventional wisdom for many years now, but there’s no actual studies backing it up. It became part of the story of the drug and has been believed ever since. The reality is much more unclear.

Lots of blood work from a diverse group of users has shown that EQ acts as its own kind of AI. Something about one of the metabolites converting to what is essentially arimistane (a fairly useful OTC drug with good albeit limited results). Anyway, low test + EQ has resulted in some whacky blood work.

Why am I reading places that people have to take Aromasin during PCT? I have some

Mostly because people are morons. “Estrogen rebound” is a thing that people believe in. People also believe aliens built the pyramids. Make your own choices based on the science.

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Well I mean…


Did you run the PCT 4 weeks after? Did you recover? I’m in the same boat.

IMO, 4 weeks is to short for an eq cycle. I think 6 would be better, and I would use HCG during the wait period.