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Test/Eq or Test/Deca

  Hey guys ive seemed to run into a difficult decision and would like to get some of your thoughts. Im in the process of planning my second cycle  and im not sure weather i want to run Eq or Deca with Test E. Ive heard alot about deca dick and deca gyno and some of the stories sound terrible to say the least. Been looking up info on both eq and deca and from my understanding eq seems to be the "safer" option with leaning affects while deca can get u into some trouble. The only thing that sets me off about EQ is cycle length... I dont really wanna be pinning for 14-16 weeks and also from my understanding running shorter more frequent cycles is the way to go. Ill also be running both with Var since it will be during the summer and i wanna cut up a little bit either route i take. Cycles would look like:

Bromo throughout
test E weeks 1-12 500mg (frontloaded)
Deca 1-10
Dbol/tbol 1-3 50mg or 60 mg (havent decidedany help?**)
Var 5-12 80 mg
HCG weeks 12 and 13

PCT Vitamin E
Nolva 40,20,20,20 and clomid 100,50,50


Test E weeks 1-16 500mg Frontloaded
EQ weeks 1-14 Frontloaded
Tbol weeks 1-5 60 mg
Var Weeks 11-18 80mg
HCG weeks 16 and 17

Pct same as previous

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Im in the process of ordering both so whichever I dont use would go towards a winter cycle. Thanks a ton gentlemen.


My experiences with EQ have been underwhelming. IMO your money is better spent on other compounds.

Tren is obviously a great compound for adding mass and staying lean. Perhaps you should consider Tren? There are some excellent Test/Tren/DBol threads in the 'best of the steroid forum' sticky. Both guys appeared to put on mass while leaning up.

As for your cycles, run HCG throughout. HCG as bridge only is probably considered by most as a dated practice.

Also, there is no need for both Clomifene and Nolvadex, choose one or the other and it should suffice. If you choose the longer cycle, perhaps you will need more of whichever compound you choose and run it longer with more taper.



Thanks alot for the reply man, ive seen hcg run throughout but never tried it myself so ill definitly give that a go! Also as far as the tren goes ill look into it. Just nervous, i mean ive heard its the best of the best as far as results but im just a little worried for possible sides. Mite try it out though but not looking forward to pinning so often but ill get over it lol How many sites would u recommend with ED pinning? Only comfortable with quads and delts =/

Double J


No problems. A common HCG protocol is 250iu twice weekly.

As for the Tren, many reccommend beginning with Tren Acetate so you can ease into it and get a feel for the side. I far prefer Tren Enanthate, and to be honest, most people that do have side with Tren still continue using despite them. Anxiety and Insomnia were very mild for me, even at 700mg Tren Ace + 400mg Test Prop weekly, and many here feel those sides could have been further mitigated by a slightly lower Test dosage (ie: 200-250mg weekly).

I may get flamed for this, but I'd just run enanthate, even if it is your first time, and have some prolactin control on hand. That way you can get away with injecting just quads and delts no problem.

If you do run Tren Acetate, you could use 2 sites on each quad with your delts (6 sites in total), and try pinning your triceps, glutes or lats occasionally to keep the rotation fresh.

Good luck,


Thanks for the advice man the enth tren ester has always interested me. From what i can tell it kinda eases u into the side effects so to speak where the acetate hits you all at once. Not sure if the sides from steroids have been exagerated over the years or something but my first cycle i literally had NONE. NO JOKE. NOT EVEN SO MUCH AS A BLEMISH! i was honestly amazed at this so i think im just gunna go all in with test enth/tren enth