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Test, EQ, Masteron, Proviron, and...?

Playing around with ideas before I order my next cycle which probably wont be for another couple months anyways but I’ve decided for certain that I want to stick with

500mg test E
600mg EQ
400MG mast E
50 Proviron Daily

Adex probably .5mg e3d

My only concerns are with time. I’ve heard different things about EQ and how it needs to be run for a long time but I’ve also heard it has a very hard recovery similar to that of deca. My goals on cycle will be a steady gain and I am aiming to eat somewhere around 1000kcal over my maintenance still doing daily fasted cardio and all. Do I really need to run this for 16 weeks or can I do 12? Also, I was also reading about front loading it because of the long onset of time but I wanted to hear some other opinions. If that’s the case I’d rather kick start with an oral anyway because I’ve never tried dbol LOL. My ancillaries year round are as follows

Tudca 500mg ed
AI Cycle Support more scoop prior to cardio one before bed
NAC 1g
Astaxanthin 12mg
Choline Inositol 2G
L-Methionine 1g
81mg aspirin
100mg Ubiquonol
LiverCare by himalayas
Saw Palmetto
Niacin 1g
Fish oil
I’m sure theres others I’m forgetting but you get the point.


Test/EQ/Mast/Proviron Cycle dose opinions, length opinions, HCG will be 3x/week @ 250iu,
Kicker or no? I really don’t want to full out “bulk” I think it’s a barbaric way of growing but like I said I will be eating well over maintenence with an emphasis on carb timing around my meals high fats before bed and a good amount of fasted cardio. Thanks guys

Have you heard of boldenone cypionate? Shorter acting cousin of EQ. If you can find it, 12 weeks is fine. I’ve never run either, but I’d rather stick to 10-12 weeks. Much beyond that and you hit the point of diminishing returns, because I think the body makes more myostatin over time which halts muscle growth. I’ve done little research on this, but might be worth googling before you go for 16 weeks.

Dbol would be an excellent kickstart.