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Test/EQ/Deca Blast Cycle, First Time w/ Other Injectables


Hello brothers of Iron, I joined the site a few years ago and usually just lurk and browse the forums. I come to you seeking advice on my 3rd big cycle. I recently made the switch to permanent HRT and plan on returning to 200-250mg test per week at the end of this cycle. I also will be competing in 2 major strongman events towards the end of the cycle (mid February 2014)

So here are my stats:


116kg (255lbs)

BF around 15% (guess)

10 years training, almost 3 years competing in strongman

5000 cals a day roughly 40/40/20 PCF


Dead - 285kg (627lbs)

Squat - 230kg (506lbs)

Bench - a paltry 130kg. I need to improve this, along with my overhead which is severely lacking. I am hoping to make big improvements by increasing my pressing training frequency and variety along with the boost from the gear.

Train 6 days a week, squat 2-3 times per week, press 3 times a week, deads once a week, heavy event training once a week. Unlike BB, I train movements...also do a lot of power cleans, snatches and barbell complexes. Will do 1 or 2 bodybuilding sessions per week but these are not my main workouts, usually second workout of the day. Training is of course a mix of speed and maximum effort work. Conditioning 2-3 times PW.

I have only ever done Test by itself and then on my second cycle a added dbol and got pretty big (up to 125kg) but wasn't a fan of the bacne at all...as I am currently getting a big back tattoo completed.

Now I take my inspiration from the more athletic strongmen like Jon Pall Sigmarsson, Magnus Ver, Magnus Samuelsson, Svend Karlsen etc. etc. My aim for this cycle is to focus purely on strength, of course I will enjoy the aesthetic results aswell but these will be secondary to performance.

So keeping in mind I want to be athletic and strong, I was thinking Test/Eq would be the way to go. Originally I was going to do test/deca...and in fact I have the deca already so considering adding that to the mix aswell for extra anabolic goodness and I have also heard it helps the joints. The reason I am considering Eq as my other main compound in this stack is because I want to run a longer cycle (so I am still charging when it comes into comp time) and also to maintain my athletisicm and stay somewhat lean.

So my proposed blast cycle is:

400 test enathate PW (14 weeks)
400 Equipoise PW (14 weeks
200 Deca PW (10 weeks)

I have Anastrozole and Dostinex on hand for sides. Plan on eating above maintainence to support my heavy training.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my thread .Hope I covered enough to avoid a flame, and look forward to your responses.

P.S I know it is a somewhat low dose cycle, but I have found I respond very well to steroids (I had a testosterone deficiency when I was maturing, and have very low natural levels...hence my decision to go on TRT). I think if something is working well at a certain dose then why increase it? would this not equal more side effects? I can always put it up mid cycle anyway.

If anyone wants to check out some of my training, there are heaps of vids on my youtube channel:



id do 500mg test/500mg eq and 400 mg deca…whats your pct look like ?


Thanks mate, I’ll move up to this dose if I don’t see the results I want. No PCT, I will return to my TRT regime of 200mg test per week and cruise through the off season.


Second the increase of test to atleast 500 but honestly with this being your 3rd big cycle I’d do…

750mg Test
500mg Eq
250mg Deca( this is plenty for joint health, nice boost, minimal bloat from it).
Add some Halo 3 weeks out from the comps and your gonna make some awesome moves.


Thanks man, I really appreciate your input. Haven’t been able to get Halo here in Oz but I do want to try it.