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Test/Eq/Dbol 2nd Cycle Help


Looking at an test/eq/dbol for 12 weeks
This will be my 2nd cycle I have done a sust, deca cycle previously last year.

Test E 300mg every mon,thur w1-12
EQ 300mg every mon,thur w1-12
dbol wk 1-4 & wk 12-14 40mg a day - split 20mg AM 20mg PM before workout
adex 0.5 e3d
and mayBE proviron 50mg a day throughtout??

HCG 500ui a day for last 10 days before pct
Nolva 40/40/20/20

Have been reading up about front loading too...what are your opinions on this? To do or not to?
I like the sound of having the effects alot sooner (obviously would adjust cycle length accordingly, maybe 8 weeks insted??)

currently at 195lb 13% bodyfat 5"11
Looking to gain 15-20lb of lean mass and drop some bodyfat

Falme away as i need to know what needs changing etc. I have done much research and this is what ive come up with but im opening to suggestions and changing the cycle if the experianced pro's think i need to do so.