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Test, EQ, D-Bol and Anavar

Previous History:
Test DBol
Test DBol Eq

10 Years lifting
age 26
230lbs 6ft
about %10 BF

Hello people, this is my first post so hello!

I am planning of doing a Test EQ Dbol Avar cycle as follows.

Test 600mg week 1-16
Eq 600mg week 1-15
Dbol 40mg week 1-4
Avar 80mg week 10-16
.25mg Adex EOD

PCT will be
Novla 40/40/20/20
Clomid 100/100/50/50

My questions are;
Would HCG we worth it? 5000iu broken into 2 shots per week
DO I need both Novla AND Clomid?
Is it too much to take two orals, even if it’s not at the same time?
If not, could I maybe take another during the gap?

Thanks for reading

I think that cycle looks fantastic, and is actually almost identical to the one I just finished.

As for the hcg, I’m assuming you are talking about a blast at the end of the cycle, instead of using it on cycle? If you use it on cycle pin 250iu twice or thrice weekly. For a blast before PCT I personally like to do 1000iu eod for 10 days. I do that while I’m waiting for the test to clear.

I would increase the adex to .5mg eod.

You don’t NEED nolva and clomid, but it’s not like they’re expensive, so why wouldn’t you?

Toggling orals in a cycle is great fun but I wouldn’t do more than 2. Starting with dbol and finishing with var is super sexy fun time.

yeah the only thing I would question is running dbol and var at the same time. If you do that im sure your lipids and liver are going to hate you, i would run the dbol first and var towards the end and take a liver support throughout.

Thanks Yogi, yeah I meant 500iu not 5000 split into two shots during the cycle. Just found out I cant get Anavar, so I’m thinking of throwing in some Anadrol. Any advice for a specific liver support supplement?

milk thistle, liv 52

I would highly advise you stop the EQ at least 2 weeks before your last shot of Test. Eq has a half life of 15 days which can linger in your body a long time. This is the same reason why a lot of people get Decadik. Cause of its long half life. 4 weeks would be more optimal honestly but to each his own. Good luck.