Test & Eq Cycle?

Hey guys,
I was planning on running a cycle of test E and EQ. I was planning on running it like this:
test e weeks 1-5 @ 600mg
test e weeks 6-15 @ 300mg
eq weeks 1-15 @ 600mg

My current stats are 6’4 245lbs. Hydrostaticly I was measured at 15% bf. I have ran two cycles before this.
Let me know what you think.



why are you dropping the test so low after week 5?

You need to run the test longer than the Eq and your dosage ratio is definitely off. This was just spoken about days ago look it up bro it will answer your questions

DW what are your goals? What were your 2 previous cycles? Why do your favor EQ over Test?

my last two cycles and only two were
test prop 500/wk for 12 weeks
tren acetate 300/wk for 7 weeks
eq 600/wk for 10 weeks

and the second one was
test prop 400/wk for 10 weeks
masteron 400/wk for 5 weeks
tren 300/wk for 7 weeks

The reason i was favoring the EQ was because not only did I feel great on it, i retained a lot from it. I am not running it longer, just lowering the test for the last 10 weeks while keepin the eq constant. I appreciate any advice given. My goals for this cycle is to gain some lean body mass, nothing exponential, but maybe 15lbs.

I’m curious you used Tren both of your first 2 cycles and now you drop it? I’m not sure a third cycle at 600mg EW of EQ and just 300mg EW of Test will net you 15lbs even in 15 weeks.

You can do it though

I really do appreciate the advice. The thing is, I hate the bloated feeling so I don’t want to take dbol or anything. I know you can get rid of that with a low sodium diet but oh well. If I would run a 10 week cycle at 600mg of test and 600mg of eq a week, what third compound should I run.

The reason I excluded tren from this cycle so far is that, while it did get me stronger and strength is coorelated with size, I didn’t feel to much from it. Do you recomment anything else?

Why do you find it necessary to run a third compound? More is not necessiarly better.
Id favor 700 wk test and 500eq myself. Low dose a dex and a fairly clean diet.

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