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Test/Eq cycle

Im 21 yrs old weigh 160 pounds with 12%bf. Iam starting my 1st cycle of test cyp and eq i will be following up with clomid. Whats the best way to cycle these 2 also is there anything better than clomid to use(novldex,hcg…etc)??

unless your a female and 5’2 you dont need to be using aas.

Do some research on your own. If you are asking which is better, Clomid, HCG, or Nolvadex, then you need to be educated more. By then you should be old enough to start your virgin, balls-to-the-wall, I-wanna-smash-your-face-in, cycle.

Oh, and here’s a quick note to get you started on the education process… one ancillary is not better than the other, they should all be used in conjunction with each other.