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Test + EQ Cycle

I’ve always read up on forums but never actually posted anything before so don’t pop my cherry to hard guys lol… With that said i am open to all criticism, feedback, and advice anybody has.

Im 25 6’2" 182 @ 11% bf atm. I’ve done my share of Test E @ 500mg/week for 8-14 weeks, and also cycled sustanol once and test p and deca stacked another. Last cycle was done close to a year ago maybe? Started at ~ 176 @ 12% peaked at 194 @ 14-15% on test E. Got sick at end of cycle, dehydrated as fuck for 2 weeks got back in the gym and started to cut down to 169 @ 7-8% looking lean. I had blood work done a little while back and test levels were at 790 ng/dL (natural). Is this uncommon? Mean maybe I’m a late bloomer but I’ve had hair on my peaches for a while now lol. So with all this said I’m wanting to stack test and eq.I currently have 3 x 10ml EQ @ 300mg and I’m going to split the following with my brother 50/50: 10 ampules of sustanon 250, 2 x 10ml Test E @ 250mg, and 10ml Test C @ 250mg. So basically 20ml of test not to confuse anyone. The test is just what I had on hand and figured we could split it and run it shortest/longest ester, thoughts?
I was originally going for a shorter cycle (9 weeks?), but with everything I’ve read about EQ I’m going to stretch it out to 12 at least. With my test levels already as high as they are, should I aim for a lower dosage and extend the test cycle length? 500mg/week puts me at 10 weeks of test, but could drop it to 400mg/week and stretch it to 12-13 weeks instead. Maybe drop the test and bump up the EQ higher? planning on running the EQ at 600mg/week. I know EQ is slow and takes a while to get going. Should I frontload it the first week? or two? Also with my test levels where they are, could I start the EQ before the test 2-3 weeks? Possibly not on AI’s? It does aromatize a lot slower? this could potentially push it to a more ideal 15 week cycle length @ 600mg/week. Should I stop EQ 1 week before test for pct purposes? Planning on using Adex for AI (.5 EOD?) and Clomid for PCT (100/100/50/50?)

Thanks everyone for any feedback provided.

The only thing I see really wrong with this is you don’t mention hCG anywhere.

I’m not sure I under stand your question but will try to answer it - which esters you use doesn’t matter as much as pinning at appropriate intervals for the ester you do select. Don’t start EQ before you start the test. You could instead frontload some to get it in your system faster.

And with your height and test levels you should seriously be able to get up to a lean 205-210 without cycling at all. I suspect you need to learn how to eat properly or have more discipline or both. This will also make your cycles more effective. Good luck.

pinning the faster ester’s means they will release and peak faster vs the slower, and by ending with the slowest esters i’ll have test releasing for a longer period.

Why not start the EQ before the test?

And if i haven’t peaked 200lbs, while on cycle, what makes you think i can naturally? Who decided what the norm for body growth was? Everybody is different and everybody grows differently. I’ve out ate anyone at the dinner table my entire life and remained a stick figure until aas. Maybe I need a personal trainer? I haven’t been eating as much this year and that’s why I’m incorporating EQ. I’ve grown out of the egomaniac theory of looking at the scale and trying to lift the entire gym. I’m more worried about how i feel/look.

Also i don’t plan to use hCG, but I haven’t done a ton of research on it either.

EQ will crash your test production rigth away, which is why you want to replace that test if you don’t want to feel like crap .

Your test levels are very high, and that’s usually the limiting factor in dtermining how much muscle you can gain naturally. There are other things at play here obviously, but test level, diet, and training are probably the three with the highest impact. There is no golden rule for how much muscle you can gain obviously, but there are countless empirical examples…many so-called hard gainers have come before you and figured out how to overcome that. Maybe the EQ will help with your appetite.

Another thing to consider is cardio. Certains types of cardio done regularly, particularly moderate intensity steady state, can greatly limit the amount of muscle you gain.

Many people have run cycles without hCG, but it can increase the likelihood of making a strong recovery if you do choose to use it.

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I was under the impression that EQ was slow acting and with my test levels elevated i thought i could get away with a week before the test to increase overall EQ use. Maybe it’s more discipline then, but I’m no BB/powerlifter so I use the drugs to makeup for the lack of discipline. When i eat heavy, I shit heavy. My body just burns thru food. I’m hoping the EQ will bring back my appetite and I’m gunna focus more on higher protein than overall calorie intake. What’s cardio? lol

Starting EQ a week early is unconventional but probably fine. I wouldn’t do the 2-3 weeks early you mentioned in your first post.

You wouldn’t necessarily feel like shit on EQ only. It does aromatise (at about half the rate of testosterone) so it’s not like your E would be too fucked up.

Some people like to use it as a base for their cycles for that reason.

Personally I think you could see some great gains off 250mg test and 600mg EQ alone. At your height and weight you should be able to gain a lot off that.

Saying that regardless of your test dose if you want to run the EQ @600mg for 12 weeks then the best option would be to start with the sust for the first 5 weeks and then use the enanthate for the last 5 weeks of pinning to get the test into your system faster, always good.

To front load the EQ jab 1800mg the first week, 1200mg the next and then jab 600mg for the rest of the cycle, that is the best way to do it, it would leave you with a 600mg shot EW throughout the course up to week 10 where you would have to just jab 400mg, it should not really make much difference. This should have the compound peaking by week 3 and fully active by week 4.

Follow a standard PCT but wait 3 weeks instead of 2 before starting the course to run the EQ out, either that or miss the jab on week 10 and run it as normal.

I love it for that reason, have made a conscious decision to run low doses of EQ and high test only for life pretty much, best two compounds on the planet IMO.

so pinning twice a week something like:
Week 1: 600mg EQ x2
Week 2: 600mg EQ + 200mg test x2
Week 3: 300mg EQ + 200mg test x2
Week 4: 300mg EQ + 200mg test x2
Week 5: 300mg EQ + 200mg test x2
Week 6: 300mg EQ + 200mg test x2
Week 7: 300mg EQ + 200mg test x2
Week 8: 300mg EQ + 200mg test x2
Week 9: 300mg EQ + 200mg test x2
Week 10: 300mg EQ + 200mg test x2
Week 11: 300mg EQ + 200mg test x2
Week 12: 300mg EQ + 200mg test x2
Week 13: 300mg EQ + 200mg test x2
and wait 3 weeks to after last pin to start pct

You’re not the first person I’ve heard say similar. May I ask what is the appeal of EQ? Given that it’s such a mild compound that generally requires high doses and long cycles to show effects why do people like it so much?

I’ve wondered the same about why so many people love primo. Especially considering its price.

If you front load it as outlined above you don’t need long cycles, I have heard of people running 6 week SHIC’s with it to good effect also. Main reason I like to run small doses is simply for its effect on collagen synthesis as I find it has a nice synergy with testosterone in this respect and I also like the look I get from it, I find an endurance increase also, especially with high rep sets (20 plus). The reason I run it low is due to BP, I ran it at 750mg for 15 weeks once and my BP by the end was at an average of 145/80, so not good, I find this much more manageable with higher test up to 750 where it sat at around 125/60, so a huge difference, combined with small doses of propanolol it keeps me in range. Plus the gains are nuts. I also find an increase in my strength more on it but this could be a mental thing, either way it seems to work. Stops me feeling bloated and heavy when compared to wet compounds, non toxic, no pip, I could go on forever.

And all this with no sides on 0.5 A-Dex EoD. Can’t complain really. I never run it over 400mg anymore though due to my BP but still see some great benefits from it.

I also find gains from it much more sustainable when moving back into my TRT dose as opposed to compounds that retain a lot of water.

Personally if you can’t run eq for 16 weeks I just wouldn’t at a minimum of 600mg. Eq is one of my favorite AAS however, it is one of the few drugs that I can say the more can run and the longer you can run it the better.

Now with that being said I must say this and i am not trying to be a dick but, at 6’2" barely mid 190s and not even exceptionally lean after multiple steroid cycle there is some extremely lacking in your diet, training, or recovery. Very likely a mix of all 3.

Now if you don’t care about looking like a house or a house and only do this for a feeling and looking good then, run low test only and diet correctly.

I see great results in 10 week cycles at 400mg whilst front loading. As stated above I have known people who have run 6 week SHIC’s to great effect using boldenone. I weigh 105 ATM at around 15%. Last cycle was 400mg boldenone, 400 testosterone and 10iu novorapid PWO. I did fairly well on it.

Could you please explain why it has to be run for 16 weeks and why you would consider 600mg a minimum, because on top of 500mg of testosterone this is a fairly moderate cycle IMO.

Im not saying at all that it has to be run for a minimum of 16 weeks or that 600 is the minimum I’m just speaking from my own 100% strictly based on my results with drug and from the man who taught me about most of my gear use (very well known but I won’t say a name). I tried running Eq at lower doses and saw absolutely NOTHING from it from multiple dealers both domestic and overseas. 600mg is where I finally start to see some noticeable gains from it mostly in recovery/increased stamina. Once I pushed it to 900 I saw those traits magnified greatly, along with a massive increase in appetite, and from a strictly vain aspect this is when the absolute gross gross and spider web veins appeared for me. As for the 16 weeks time frame once again for me the longer i ran it better the gains were. I have ran it for up to 24 weeks at varying doses from 600-1200mg a week.

Mind you i am a powerlifter and pretty much nly care about strength gains and the longer I ran EQ the more consistent and constant my strength PRs continued in.

Mind you I am 5’7 in work boots and 225lbs with abs and even ab veins all through my obliques in the morning. So im not exactly a begginer.

Once again I am not telling him that he should run more or longer at a minimum. I am speaking solely on my experience with this particular drug.


I love EQ.

You can start with both, EQ and Test… based on what you said, you can use EQ in 600mg range and test can be done between 250 to 500mg/ w. Use some AI, don’t go without it, even 250mg will need some little AI… if you want to keep your balls intact, go along with HCG. Do the PCT after the cycle or if you want to keep BC, do bloodwork and then take a rest with TRT test dose… Any steroid will make you really different, really lean and strong, with density when used long term, people may say it’s not, but it’s!