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Test EQ Cycle


I am going to be starting my second cycle which is Test E 300/ EQ 300 blend cycle. I have ran it before with good lean gains, however I am not looking to gain weight just re proportion what I have or loose a little. I am also on prescribed TRT of Test Cypionate 200 a week through my Dr.

I am 6'4" 240 pounds and dont want Huge gains due to my job. Can anyone give me some advise on what else to do to help me out. I'm in the gym 4-5 times a week, usually 30 min cardio, 1 - 1/2 hours lifting. PLEASE HELP

Test C 200mg every week
Test E 600mg twice a week
EQ 600mg. twice a week
HCG 200iu ED
Arimidex .8mg EOD
HCTZ 12mg ED


So you're taking 1.4grams of test per week? (200+600+600)? To start, lowering that dose might help. And even if that was a typo and you meant a total of 800mg/wk, you could lower that dose. SAme with the EQ, 1.2grams per week?

Other than that, gains are highly dependent on diet. You could eat below maintenance calories and potentially lose some fat while maintaining a majority of your muscle mass.


It was a typo Sorry

Test C 200mg every week "US pharm grade"
Test E 300mg twice a week "total of 600mg"
EQ 300mg. twice a week "total of 600mg"
HCG 200iu ED
Arimidex .8mg EOD
HCTZ 12mg ED


How much did you use before? You're still at 1.4grams of total gear per week which is a pretty big cycle in my opinion for not wanting to gain anything. Either way, like I said, you just have to really watch your food intake and keep up the cardio. Honestly 10 pound gain on a 240 pound person will be much less noticeable than a 10 pound gain on a 190 pound person - if anyone asks why you're getting bigger, you could just say "i've been dieting and decided to just kind of give up that, it was no fun" - I've used that line before with much success.


Before I was on 250 mg of Test C through my Dr. and the same Test EQ 600 blend. I ran it for 8 weeks, Stayed the same weight. I had to stop at 8 weeks because my Dr. wanted to do a blood test to see where my levels were. My waist went from a tight 38" to an easy 36". Biceps went up 2 1/4 " Shoulders grew substantially not sure on how much.

Original test levels with no gear 515
Used Mdrol for 2 weeks to bomb my levels out ?for the prescription for TRT? and went to 37
After 5 weeks of Dr?s Test and 2 weeks of the blend I was at 1137
Stopped at 8 weeks, retested 2 weeks later and came in at 725

Just started up again I?m hoping he doesn?t want to test again for this new 10 week cycle that I?m trying to squeeze in. Overall I look much better but was just kind of looking for a better cycle or something to substitute with for where I am trying to get to.


So you faked getting your TRT, so you don't really need it. Basically you just want to be on test always and permanently shut down.

I guess I'm not sure what your'e asking.


No reason to do your trt in addition to the cycle dose. test is test, the total dose is relevant, not the source of it.

That's too much gear to use if you arent interested in muscle gain.

Ive never used more than 1.1g on any cycle. I know what you mean about not wanting to gain too much weight and I find that any more than 750mg/wk of aas and I grow too fast.

Lower the dose and FIX YOUR DIET. 6 4 240 isnt big, so I dont really see how you could need more than a gram of AAS simply to lose some bodyfat.


When you say 'grow to fast' could you elaborate on that please? Do you mean you gain to much weight rapidly and bloat or you simply start putting muscle on at a rate that you're uncomfortable with for some reason or another? I've never used more than 1.2 grams in a week, and that was only during a front load, 750-1000mg seems to be my sweet spot also (like a shot of sust 250 EOD, so thats 750mg one week and 1000mg the next etc).


Yeah I faked my levels to get TRT. I did this incase work asks or decides to test me. Now if they do I have a letter from my Dr. Saying he is treating me with TRT. If they do; do a test and my levels are elevated it is all explained by my prescription for Test from my Dr. If I didn't have this and they tested me I would be under investigation and let go. I don't plan on using TRT forever, just while I'm on my cycles until I get where I want to, then I will lower my doses through the Dr, and integrate more PCT.

It's not that I don't want to gain muscle. I do want to gain muscle but lean muscle and loose body fat. I basically just don't want the gains where people say "yep that guys juicing" I'll try lowering my gear and see what happens.

As far as the Type of weight? My water weight is being controlled great with the HCTZ. So no problems there. I just didn?t want to bulk up too fast with a ton of muscle mass where people would start to question my methods used.


What do you mean by this? Once you go on TRT meaning that you are providing your body with exogenous testosterone thus suppressing your body's natural production of its own testosterone for extended periods of time, you don't just "lower your doses and integrate more PCT". That sentence doesn't even make sense. Long cycles are hard to come back from. I'm not sure how long you are planning on cycling and using this fake TRT to "get where you want to", but you should understand the potential consequences of permanently damaging your natural production.


If you don't want to gain that much why are you taking such a large amount of gear????


Muscle weight. Im not a tall guy, so 15 pounds is very dramatic.

Between spending over $1000 on a few suits recently (and being on the cusp of needing custom dress shirts that I cant afford) and breaking into a field where image is pretty important I just cant put on 15 pounds of muscle in under 2 months anymore without a whole bunch of people raising eyebrows.

This isnt a post to brag, just that if I was, say, a personal trainer that could wear a t shirt every day Id have no issue at all with the 'problem' of growing too fast


the whole post that quote is from doesnt make sense.


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