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Test + Eq Cycle PCT, What and Why?

I am currently running 600mg test c and 400mg Eq a week for 16 weeks. I realize the 400mg Eq is very low. I am 6’ 220lbs 27 years old. Goals are size and strength but nothing too specific. Just wondering what PCT should I run and why? This is my third cycle and first time running anything but test. Thanks

What did you run the first two PCTs?

arimidex and nolva.

Let’s not use arimidex anymore for pct. Whoever advised you to do that don’t listen to them in the future regarding anything steroid related.

Nolva is fine alone 40/40/20/20

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okay cool. so im assuming that’s 40mg/day for the first 2 weeks and 20mg/day for last 2 weeks? and start that how long after last injection? also this is strange but i’ve had gyno since puberty and for the first time since then after about a month into this cycle it seems to have substantially subsided. just a weird thing to note

Start three weeks after your cycle is over. Normally it’s two, but EQ has a longer elimination time, hence the extra week.

Would it change things if I decided to cruise 200mg test afterward? Same PCT?

No pct if you cruise

But what about after the cruise

Thats not how cruising works. You cruise for life it’s essentially trt. Then every couple months or couple times a year you blast if you wish. You don’t just cruise then pct when you feel like it. I mean i guess you could but I wouldn’t recommend it.

So you would recommend blasting then cruising and then PCTing if I wanted to get off for awhile?

I mean wouldn’t recommend

If your gonna cycle then the idea is to make the best gains within a minimal amount of time. Staying shut down for 10 weeks probably isn’t much different then staying shut down for 16 weeks. But when you start venturing into 6 months or a year or more then decide to suddenly get of the juice your probably gonna need a bit more then a simple nolva pct to get up and running again and who knows at what level you will recover to. Shit some people run a 12 week cycle and never snap back.

so is the assumption that once you begin to blast and cruise then you pretty much can never get off?? i just always figured that cycling all the time would be more rough on the body. i guess im still struggling with the idea of being on at least trt for the rest of my life

The way this is worded bothers me lol. I’m not sure that’s an assumption. I think what’s important is to understand the science behind it. Which doesn’t necessarily say that what it says is the chance of recovering is drastically decreased the longer you stay shut down without taking anything to keep your nuts pumping.

Oh it is hard on the body, real hard. Thats usually why after a handful of cycles or less you see people jumping on the trt train. But what you were originally suggesting of blast, cruise then pct is just that a cycle. Your just making it an even harder to cycle to recover from (hopefully) then if you were to run a normal blast and pct.

Totally understandable. But you need to be prepared for this and ready to deal with it before you continue to cycle because there is no guarantee at the end you will snap back. It might happen your 1st or 10th cycle but I guarantee as you get older and continue to use AAS it will eventually happen one day

Harry did you run blood before your cycle? Do you make a good natural T level when not cycling? If so just cycle twice a year and go back to natty. Blast and Cruise suck compared to a good natty lvl. Only guys who fucked there T production blast and cruise because it is all we’ve got left.

that’s sort of what i’m leaning towards after hearing all this. after my last test only cycle my libido was wrecked but i’m pretty sure i didn’t even finish half of my PCT cycle due to just being busy as hell being in the navy still and taking almost full time classes, i lost track of everything. libido didn’t come back basically until i started this current cycle and now i feel great so i’m worried about going back to that shit feeling.

alright yeah guess i just have some things to think about. thanks for the info homes