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Test + EQ Cutting Cycle

I will be running a 12 week cutting cycle and I am wondering if these compounds at these doses will be sufficient and effective for my cut.

Test Enanthate 200mg/weekly
Equipoise 400mg/weekly

I believe eq is better run for 16 weeks.

The dose will be sufficient yes id probably run the test at 500/week but 200 is fine.

Wether or not it’s effective is entirely up to you, your diet, and your training.

I second the comment on stretching out the EQ if you can. The 12 week guideline applies to long esters like enanthate and cypionate, they have about one day difference in half lives. The EQ is undecanoate or Undecylenate ester that and the decanoate ester attached to deca should be run a bit longer like 14-16 weeks for ideal time to properly get in and get the job done. Their esters are also about a day apart but they are just that much longer than the enanthate and cypionate.

As far as you ratio of EQ to test, I assume you have experience with both of these. If this is the first time with EQ then just be aware that some guys get anxiety and some other sides. Supposedly you run at least one mg of test for one mg of EQ and then the sides are less likely to occure. You probably won’t have any issues just be aware and watch.

As far as this being a cutting cycle, you have everything you need to get what you want. Just control it with diet. You are aware some guys get a crazy ass appetite on EQ, right?

I didn’t see anything about an Aromatase Inhibitor. I assume you have enough experience to know weather you will need estrogen suppression support on cycle or not.

I didn’t see anything about PCT, again I assume you have it all on lock.

If you noticed I assumed a lot in my response, because you really didn’t give us much info. You are supposed to give us basic stats and background info so we can see if our knowledge or experience would be applicable to you. Most likely any response to this post shouldn’t provide information that might accidentally hurt you. Believe it or not but your starting body fat percentage really does effect a lot of what you need to do on cycle. You might be okay to run this cycle but then again you might not. This is your first posting on this site so we have no idea what you do or do not have experience with.


I apologize for the ignorance. I’m quite new to these forums and the guidelines.

Yes, I will be running arimidex throughout my cycle, which is provided by my doctor. I was just unsure whether equipoise and test will help me to achieve the shredded, grainy look since I don’t think I’m experienced enough to start compounds like tren. Also, given the long esters and half lives on both these compounds, would cardio and a caloric deficit lead to muscle loss if the compounds have not yet kicked in?

My Stats
23 years old ~15-18% body fat

You are a bit young and I personally would like to see a lower body fat %.
However you will do this cycle with or without my two cents so I would rather help than hinder safe usage.
Grainy look, short answer no. Long answer, it’s up to you. EQ will definitely help you increase endurance which will help you exercise longer and burn more calories. It can also help build so it will help protect the muscle you have when you diet. Really DHTs are best at protecting muscle but for your level, situation, and how long you want this cycle to be you definitely picked the best compound. So relax you chose right given everything. The test and EQ will make you retain water on the cycle, there is no way around it. All you can do is eat clean, exercise and watch the estrogen levels. Just know that so when you are on cycle and you are looking at yourself in the mirror know that there is water between your skin and muscle hiding some definition. The water will come off during PCT. The best run cycle like yours is just not going to leave you grainy but it will help you make a HUGE movement in that direction so that after you recover properly then the next cycle you can use the stuff that gets the grainy-er look, for your situation it’s called winstrol. Do this cycle right you will look great for swimsuit time and decide if you even want to bother risking health with another cycle containing winstrol.

Just so you understand you can absolutely get defined on this cycle. Like popping veins and fully defined lines all over. You can even end up with some lines in-between the parts of the muscle like the three parts of your shoulder at the top of your arm. The grainy look is when the skin is paper thin, there is no fat and you can see what looks like grains or line throughout the muscle not just in-between them. The muscle is almost bumpy it isn’t smooth. You actually have to be dehydrated and at a dangerously low body fat for the grainy look. I am not sure if that was the look you were talking about. Some of these terms make it easy to have multiple definitions and uses. Those guys on stage with the look only look like that for a few days literally. It is that unhealthy.

You will not be far enough into the diet to loose muscle before the test and EQ fully come up to active levels. Your levels will actually rise within hours of the first shot but it takes time for enough to build up to “active anabolic” levels but they will still be helpful before they get to the sweet spot in the cycle.

I personally don’t like diets they just don’t work long term and believe I was a chunky monkey in highschool. In my experience the key to long term sustainable body change is lean mass. The lean mass burns more that the same weight of fat. So if you build enough lean mass while keeping a steady clean diet you will get to a point where to just make it through the day your body needs more calories than you give it, then the fat falls off. FYI you have to be maintaining the lean mass and working out as a way of life to get these results but it works and works well.

I applaud you for changing what you don’t like. However if you find that this cycle doesn’t give you the long term change you want, think about building some lean mass to help you burn off and burn through those calories.


how long do you think test and eq take to come in anabolic level?

With a steady dose schedule then you get X amount of potential but some people need higher doses to get the same potential.
So at any given dose you yourself can only get so much out of it.

The level build up has to do with half lives. It takes five half lives to build up to a steady release. That’s provided you have a steady consistent dosage. EQs esters half life is 14 or 15 days, I always forget. When it comes to testosterone enanthate opinions vary. On the same sheet you will often see testosterone enanthate having a half life of something like 6-7 days but the enanthate ester is listed as 10.5 days. You always see cypionate as 12 days, it is one atom longer than enanthate. The sites I have seen the shorter testosterone enanthate half life listed are sites I can connect to home brew in one way or another. You only see the short half life for testosterone enanthate while the simple enanthate ester it self is 10 days. I don’t see how when testosterone and the enanthate ester get together they some how end up with a lower half life. The home brew raws come from China and their assay sheets or write ups usually say the 6-7 days for test enanthate but they term it active life. I think the variation in half lives might be race dependant or environmental dependant. I know Asian people are usually lactose intolerant they also have higher fat diets but they are skinnier than westerners. They eat the shells on shrimp, we do not, and the shells have something where your body can’t absorb fat from food or at least it’s hindered. So something in there might actually effect the half life for them weather it’s genetic or environmental.
A half life is where you inject 200mgs of test enanthate on day 1 and if using the 10 day half life then 10 days later you have 100mgs left in the body from that shot and so on every 10 days. If you keep injecting every 3 or 5 days then the amount builds up.
The ester is like a time release. The liver has to metabolize it so the testosterone is released and able to go do testosterone things in the body. The test can’t do anything in your body if the ester is still attached.

Now regardless of ester there is this surge after the shot where a large portion of the injected hormone is released from the ester. So with 200 mgs of enanthate in the first 3-4 days probably something like 70-80 mgs gets released then the amount of test being released per day goes way down, that is if you don’t re inject. This is why everyone says inject twice per week, that way you will always be on a surge day. It’s all the testosterone enanthate left in your body after the surgery and half life that builds up so if every 3.5 days you pin 200mgs then by around five half lives from first shot your per day average of hormone free from the ester and able to do something should be around 45-55 mgs per day. That is for a dose of 400mgs per week in two equal doses per week.

You can do the math for the 14 day half life of EQ.

Now 2-3 half lives after first shot your per day levels should be up enough to let you get most of the benefits of your selected weekly dose.

I dont believe there is a time frame for an ester to kick in. I believe in “how much of the hormone is free and able to attach or stimulate something that day.” Ultimately it’s the hormone that does something and if orals that are immediately available at the per day dose can start working on day one then why can’t an estered hormone free from the ester work on day one? For me it’s all about how much is available per day to do something that influences how much extra we can get out of our work outs.

All that aside the only way for any of it to work is for you to workout or exercise. These hormones just let us get more return for our physical out put. No results will ever kick in if you are lazy. Good results will happen if you already do a lot and then on cycle you end up doing twice as much.

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This is the most important thing that young guys need to learn and never, ever forget. Over the long term the guys who make steady progress in adding lean mass and losing fat will be overall better off versus the dirty bulk/cut/bulk/cut/dirty bulk/cut guys. Obvious exceptions exist for pros, powerlifters, high level athletes. But for the regular gym bro I would wager it’s much smarter to go slow and make incremental improvements vs putting on huge size and then trying to cut the fat off twice a year, every year, for a decade or more.