Test, EQ and Var Stack

The dosages u picked will be good for you.

Will sound a bit like an asshole but… You probably lose minimal because you also gain minimal. I believe you are around your natural limit now, which means no cycles were needed and you maintain this size because it is naturally achievable. You look good, no doubt, but its not really 5 steroid cycles good. At your height you should be like 220 lean, and then you would see how you lose your gains and drop down to 190…

Yeah i was actually vaping like hardcore throughout my previous cycles and wasnt gaining much, and gaining 0 off cycle. I quit earlier this year and have been gaining off cycle , not so much strength but definitely size. It definitely killed my gains via dehydration, liver damage and hunger supression. Now that im off vaping i believe this cycle will be good for me. If i do come back to where i am now SIZE wise (strength i dont care about much) , i will consider cruising. Another issue with cruising is the $$$. I am in university and sometimes money can get a little tight. I find that cycling on and off give me more breathing room.
edit: you think this cycle will be good numbers and length wise?

Well yea, i think we should look at this as your first or second cycle, because as you said - you might have wasted previous cycles, so for a first or second - test and EQ will be good. If you promise to eat right, train hard and gain weight every week, i would maybe wanna see a 24 week total since its not an agressive cycle, but you also wont get the kick as if it was your first cycle cuz your body already knows whats up.
I would see this as a good 2nd or 3rd cycle, and lately basing my opinions NOT on what other people say but what i have experienced - longer cycles are always better IF you can maintain focus and actually progress every week. If you cant gain a pound for 2-3 weeks in the mid cycle, you can just aswell drop it. But if you gain 1-2lbs a week, this is ok to do for 24 weeks, dropping the EQ in week 20.

What you can also do is front load EQ and test. Take 1g of each on the day before your first injection and then the next day start the cycle as planned. That would help to get it up and running maybe a bit faster.

Idk what prices are where you live but cruising costs almost nothing compared to blasting and eating for size where i live… cruising for me is like 30 bucks a month. Its like 2 meals on a bulk :smiley:

I would agree with this sentiment. The pic you shared does not say “i’ve been using steroids”. I see guys that I am like 'maybe he’s on…" all the time. I wouldn’t even think you were for a moment. At 5’11 you should be well above 200lbs. I’m not dogging you at all, you look to have a pleasing physique but it appears natural.

What if I WANT my HDL and SHBG to be crushed into the lower single digits? Didn’t think of THAT did you?

700mgs of oxandrolone every 4 hours.

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