Test, EQ and Var Stack

Planning on running 500 test 500-600 EQ and 50-75 var (ORAL 5 weeks) for about 15 weeks. This is my sixth cycle. I am new to EQ so i had a few questions and i heard that i must run test for 8 weeks+ after my EQ is done because of the way EQ interacts with E2. As in it acts as an AI. Has anyone had experience with this? Overall just tips and pointers on EQ or anything I should know that i may not be aware of would be great. I dont mind running test for 8+ weeks longer but i will definitely be tapering.

Well you will need to do bloodwork to make sure how EQ reacts on your e2. For me, the first 6-8 weeks it acts as an AI, but later it murders my e2 so i end up taking like 125mg if EQ with 500+ test, otherwise my e2 tanks totally. So its just trial and error with regular bloodwork.

What i dont get is the role of var in this, but…whatever. I guess you have your reasoning for it.

Noted thankyou. What about the extended test dosages to wait for EQ to be out of system? Any experience with this? Its my main concern. I do check bloods regularly so i will keep a watchful eye on them and low e2 symptoms. And var is just an addition to the stack. Was going to add dbol but EQ can increase RBC count so im worried about blood pressure with that stack.

I’ve run this pretty similarly before, and it will be close to my next blast in a few weeks, at the same levels. For me it was the cycle I liked the best, and probably the only I will do in the future based on trialing other AAS compounds. Very low sides. I didn’t feel an E2 crash, but when I did my TRT bloods my E2 was in fact in the teens. Since I’m on TRT I’ve had the test continue after cycle. I assume you are planning to PCT?

This is the million dollar question. If not PCT you don’t need to extend your T cycle dose just go back to TRT solo. If you are cycling with PCT then yes it would probably be smart to run the test a little longer than the EQ.

Planning to PCT 100%. looking into TRT in the future but for now PCT has worked great for me with no downtime (verified with my bloodwork).

Planning to PCT. Now should i run 500-600 EQ for 10 weeks and test for 15 weeks? Or should i run both for 15 weeks and then taper off test for another 5-6 weeks?

What are you doing for PCT? Most people will tell you EQ needs to be run longer than ten weeks, I’ve done ten myself with good gains over test alone. I’m sure it would be beneficial longer. In regards to how long to run the test, I’d say at least four weeks but it depends on what PCT. If E2 is what you are looking to bounce back with I believe HCG will raise it which could be a part of your protocol.

Still curious what the purpose of this is. Taking it just to ruin your lipids or your trying to cut?
If not trying to cut, is it for strength or literally just to ruin your lipid profile out of curiousity?

What’s wrong with adding an oral? Many guys do three compounds, an oral to kick start or finish. Anavar is my oral of choice for side profile and ability to get pharma prescribed. I’m assuming, possibly wrongly, he knows his risk aversion prior to a cycle like this.

Nothing, he just never explained the purpose. If it’s being used for strength or cutting, it makes perfect sense - but OP said hes adding it litterally as “just an addition to the stack”… doesn’t make sense if taking for no purpose is all.

15 weeks of oxandrolone at 50-75 mg/day?

SHBG and lipid particle counts will get crushed most likely. You are good with that? Long time to be running oxandrolone with 1000 mg/week of injectable. Your TT will also plummet and fT should not really be affected (really no interaction of oxandrolone with fT elimination rate in my personal experience). How about oxandrolone the last 6 weeks only if you are dead set on using it?

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its for strength and getting rid of some body fat on my lower back. I also dont want to only run test and EQ because EQ isn’t the strongest of steroids but I definitely want to try it as an opener to other injectables besides testosterone. Im not blasting var for 15 weeks either, just 5. Sorry if i didnt clarify in the original post.

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Thats my fault. Only running var for 5 weeks. I would never run an oral longer than 6 or 7.

Fair enough. Taking a gram of gear before the oral, I kind of thought it was to Blast with a capital B anyways. I do agree with @tareload, cut the anavar down to at least 50mg and for six to eight weeks beginning or end. I see little difference with 25mg vs 50mg personally.

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Yeah that is my fault , i didnt clarify in the original post. Only running var for 5 weeks maybe 6, about 9 weeks into the cycle.

My take on cycles is different from many. It has been my experience that I begin to get diminishing returns after about 8 weeks. Why continue if I am no longer getting the results I expected? I would get off cycle for 6 to 8 weeks and then be back on cycle for 8 weeks. In the three decades I took AAS I did about 100 cycles.

No, i have never done this jumping on and off gear. I was in my best shape in a 2 year blast. And after that i gained the most size i have ever gained in around 18 month blast. If it was me - you go off when you are ready for a cruise and a long period of not doing shit. If your cruise is for 6-12 months like it was mine, you shouldnt really care if EQ is in or out a few extra weeks here or there imo.

Its one of the things that steroids do and one of the reasons they even do anything. Var is mostly cosmetic drug, so its probably a waste tho.

Agree with this

Wrong is the thing that someone would just ADD AN ORAL… you dont add an oral just do add an oral, you add it with a purpose… i dont see the purpose of var in a cycle of test and eq, if one is not already lean.

strenght yes, bodyfat? no… why would it do anything to your fat, especially on your lower back?

Okay , im going to run 500 test for 20 weeks and taper the last 5 weeks as ill be running EQ for 15 weeks. PCT , im not cruising yet

If its not the first cycle - how do you look now? Share some progress pics. Depending on those we could discuss dosages.

The thing i would be concerned about dosage wise is that as you said - EQ is not the strongest drug.
Test would be fully up in week 4-5. EQ in week…idk - 6-7? So you basically get like 8 good weeks of EQ. The test dose is not too big also, EQ is weak as it is. Unless you are small already, this could be a disapointing cycle.

Then again, if u gonna PCT anyways and lose all the gains no matter what, this probably doesnt matter much.