Test, EQ, and Dbol Cycle

i started my cycle
200ml Test E
400 EQ
20mg DBOl
whats is your suggestion after this cycle
im 25 65kg ,i have done cycle before many times,
this time i want to take primo instead of EQ for the next cycle , what is your suggestion ? my goal is gaining muscle because im lean thanks

You weigh 143lbs and feel you need Test, EQ and DBol? You need to learn to eat like you actually want to gain weight.

Talk about putting the cart ahead of the horse.

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I must ask. How tall are you?

You have done that cycle many times, yet you only weigh 65kg. What is your goal in lifting weights? Are you trying to stay in a weight class for competitive reasons?

Im not sure if this is not a troll…

Im 170cm
Bro i put weight 10kg , i used to be 73kg after i did 12 weeks cycle for lean bulk . Recently i did a surgery in my nose ,i couldn’t lift for 6 months , all the gains gone .my goal is first to bulk till at least 80kg . Then i want to go for a decent shred . I also think to continue take eq for 12 weeks . Whats your advice brothet?

On a similar cycle muscle memory will have you back to 73kg very rapidly.

I don’t typically like cycles more than 8 weeks. How long do you take “off” cycle?

Ahh usually i take off for month and half.
I did research about test and eq , alot of ppl says 12 weeks is good with eq and test , but stop dbol on week 4 or 6

Many people have much feedback to come to their recommendations. All I have are my past experiences. I usually ran 8 weeks on and 6 weeks off. I took orals the entire time on cycle. If I had a contest that was the one I targeted for that year, I ran a 12 week cycle.

I am not suggesting you take the route I used. I wish you well achieving your goals.