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Test/EQ 20 Week Cycle, Anadrol Wks 1-4, Winstrol Wks 16-20

Hello guys

I am planning my next cycle starting in one or two months.
Last cycle was 16w tst 500mg/w+winstrol last 4 weeks 40mg/ed then I followed PCT protocol and everything went fine. Now I am 2 months after the PCT.
Had some problems in the start of the cycle with high E2 and pip but I solved all that and rest of the cycle was very good.

So my following cycle could look like this:
Test E 500mg/w 1-20
EQ 500mg/w 1-20
Anadrol 100mg/ed 1-4
Winstrol 40mg/ed 16-20 or maybe a bit earlier and make it 5 weeks. depends on how I will be feeling. I had really good experience in my last cycle with winstrol and really did not notice any sides.
HCG during the whole cycle in small doses to keep my balls doing right
Will use aromasin for e2 control from what I know I am kinda E2 sensitive and will probably need like 12,5-25mg/ed
Tamoxifen on hand if needed but do not wanna use it till I really need to.

I would be very thankful if you experienced guys could tell me if that cycle looks good or if something needs to be changed. I am trying to figure out the best cycle possible so I am free to talk about it and make it the best possible.
I am also thinking about adding MK-667 but not sure how this could work in the comb with anadrol or EQ, is it good idea? Should I also add something after week 4 when I stop taking anadrol or just stay on test/eq only?
Goal of that cycle is to add amount of quality muscle. I believe Eq is right choice because of its effects and also apetite increase.
After this cycle I will probably cruise on 125-200mg/tst week, not planning PCT atm.

Im interested in this same cycle, did you go through with it? how was the results?