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Test Enth Winstrol Cycle


Hey Everyone. Just wanted your opinions on my next cycle.
First off, this is my 3rd cycle. First was 500 mgs a week of test c, second was 750 mgs of test e. I found that I get severe hand pain and numbness like carpal tunnel syndrome with anything over 500mgs a week. I was taking adex at .25mgs EOD because i figured the pain and numbness was due to water retention. That really didn't help but dropping the dosage to 500 alieviated all symptoms.

Anyways, Im 28 yo 6'4" 230 lbs and about 14 percent bf. Been lifting about 4 years and eat clean most of the time.

3rd cycle looks like this:

wk1-12 500mg test e
wk1-7 50mg ED winstrol
pct wk 14 40/40/20/20

wk1-12-.25mg adex EOD
wk1-12-250iu hcg 2x a week.

How does this look? Should I run the winstrol at the beginning or end of cycle. I know I wish I could shit can the winny and take some mast or var instead but I always wanted to try some winstrol. I get mixed reviews on it, some love it, some hate it. Just want to see how I react to it.

Thanks for your Thoughts!


If you have joint issues I highly recommend against winny usage. Ive found it somewhat useful in the past simply because I got my hands on some for a very good price, but only when dosed much higher than most people use it at.

I do not feel it is a very effective steroid for our purposes and combined with its relatively low resulting gains, high cost and joint issues...is a bad choice for the non-competing lifter.

But you seem intent on its usage.

I recommend a few things, first of all, careful of your joints, winny makes them "brittle", second of all, high dosage of fish oil and other joint support supplements, I already do this year round, everyone should, but on cycle it should be a priority.

You seem to know pretty much the gist of winny, most people will use it from time to time, its rarely a staple in cycles.

I have a bum knee and wrist from powerlifting and sports, so I avoid anything that might compromise them.

I also recommend looking into GHRP-6, its about the only thing I have found that was able to speed the healing on my wrist to reasonable levels that was cheap and easily available.

I pretty much am recommending it blanket style to most who cycle, its simply too great of a benefit to those running juice to not mention.


Run it at the end of the cycle, bridge PCT. I would try to cut it down to at least six weeks to give your liver a break. Also run milk thistle during that period.


Im on my last weeks on Test E and Winstrol cycle, I added the Winstrol from week 3 and I got really good gains.
Winstrol seems like a pretty good compound.

My doses are like this:
Test E > 500mg /w
Winstrol > 50mg /d


With any oral you always wait a few weeks for the test to kick in before starting the oral, synergy is beyond helpful, kickstarts are incorrect and generally a waste.

Yes winny + test is obviously better than just test. Your adding in another 350mg/week or quite potent oral steroids.

However, winny is generally on the pricer side, and only primo and var have a worse gains/cost ratio.

Combined with the very unfavorable situation it tends to put the joints in...and you see why its not a very popular drug with the vets, long term its just not useful to us.


thanks for the info. I currently take fish oil and cassius( that spelling may be wrong) for joint health. I take 150mcg of ghrp 6 2x a day and have been for the past 6 months and will continue to take it. Was planning on taking some milk thistle or liver armour. My joints are pretty healthy aside from a few little ticks here and there but the g6 has helped a ton. Thanks for the replies and i'll be carful of the joints.