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Test Enth, Tren Ace, Anadrol Cycle.....Suggestions?

Ok guys so I’ve done (2) Test Enth only Cycles and (1) Test Enth/Tren Ace Cycle but now wast to step it up.

My friend was telling me about adding Anadrol. What are your suggestions on this?

I am 30. 6’3, 270lbs, haven’t measured BF I’d guess 20%, training for 3 years. I have been completely stupid when it comes to PCT but I’m taking that serious now. I know my body weight/fat is a little higher than most people would advise before starting AAS. I am looking for strength with gaining lean muscle. I went from 330 to 300 with diet. Went from 300-285 after 1st Tren Cycle. Kept 80% strength n almost all muscle gain, lost a little harness effect of course. Clean diet n working my ass off. My hardness and tone are looking better. Goal is down to 250ish. I don’t mind weight numbers just wana look like I can bench a house with a little tone lol. The Eddie Hall look…

Current Big 3 stats:

Bench - 385 (1 sec pause) 395 no pause. GOAL - 430
Squat- 485 ATG/ 500 slightly above parallel. (Not competing so not real worried about ATG) GOAL - 550
Dead - 545 SUMO GOAL - 585

My current cycle regimen looks like this:

Week 1-10 Test 300mg Mon/Thur- 600mg/wk
Week 2-8 Tren Ace 75 ED - 525mg/wk
Week 3-7 Anadrol 50m ED - 350wk

PCT is normal Clomid 40/40/20/20 4 wks after last Test pin…

Any and all suggestions welcome. This will be my 1st cycle with Anadrol so I’ll start with lower dose.

Thanks Guys!

If your goal is to loose weight and you plan on pinning tren ED might as well run prop IMO especially if you are only running 10 weeks (long esters take 3-4 weeks to see total results) so that would only leave about 6 weeks of your test levels totally maxed out… also because you have a higher percentage of BF I would deff keep arim on hand and maybe even some caber or prami for prolactin… just my 2 cents

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I appreciate your response. Should I change Test to a 16 week cycle then and start running Tren around week 4?

that would be a better plan IMO