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Test Enth Only on First Cycle?

Hi Guys - Thanks for all the PMs and posts about my earlier post re: my first cycle. I’ve definitely decided to bite the bullet and work on getting over my needle fear. So, if I do injectibles should I do a low-dose, all test enth only 12 week cycle? Would look something like:

Week 1-12
Test Enth 100mg E3D

I’m trying to keep my sides very low since I work in a gym. Want small, keep-able gains. Some have adviced adding Winny for hard/lean look. Most have said I don’t need to taper the Test or add A-dex since the Test dose is so low. Thoughts?

Sorry - guess I should list my stats again. 5’8", almost 170lb, working out for five years. Looking for about 10lb of lean, hard gains. And - believe me - I’m listening to all of you who keep telling me to eat more! DEfinitely trying to get up to about 7-8000 calories/day, especially if I decide to use aas.

If you want to stick with low doses I would suggest 200mg every 3rd day. 100mg is too low IMO.

I would have the Adex on hand no matter what. One of those, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it kind of things.

Seconding what Pain said, up your dose. Make it worth your while for the first. Look at Cortes thread about his first since it might be applicable. He basically had reached the gains he desired and adjusted his diet/routine to sort of solidfy them rather than grow any more. Also, you will need some kind of PCT be it taper or a traditional. I would argue that PCT time is where the gains are kept or lost…but I will leave the detailed explanations for the experienced users to chime in on.

I agree, less than 350mg/wk will probably provide little to no results.

Also, at your bodyweight, you don’t have to eat 7,000-8,000 calories a day to grow. I’d start somewhere around 5,000 and increase only if you’re not making gains.

Gross overeating will make you feel like shit, and will most likely just lead to increased bodyfat, especially with the low doses of AAS you’re considering.


The needles are easier than you think. This is my first time injecting myself and it was truly no problem.

It’s a way bigger pain in your mind than it is in real life. I don’t even like to look at myself getting a shot at the doctor… but I didn’t even feel it when I stuck myself with a 23.

You’ll do fine, just don’t let yourself sit and “awful-ize” over it.

Best of luck!

100mg E3D will do little more than shut you down. And if you run it at 12 weeks, you will definitely be shut down. Anytime you inject more test than your body produces for an extended period of time, you get suppressed and shut down.

For your first cycle, just do it right with 500mg/wk divided into two doses per week. Run it for 12 weeks. Follow it up with a 6 week stasis period and taper down from there.

Easy, proven, and you’ll love what it does to you.

There’s no sense in overthinking a first cycle, this one has been proven to work time and time again. Since you’re so new to this, you should have just checked the damned steroid newbie threadS now that there are two. Then you’d understand why I am telling you what I have.


There are two ways to get over your fear of needles.

One: If it is possible, have someone close to you stick you the first time (of course make sure both of you know what you are doing!). I’m not afraid of needles but I still found the first time I injected I just about couldn’t do it. Took me a full couple of minutes until I finally had to just make myself count to 3 and stick it in. If you can have a friend or partner do it, they won’t have the same apprehension. When they do put the needle in, make sure and think about how it feels. I think you’ll find that you are surprised at how much you were blowing things out of proportion. From this first step, you can move on to injecting yourself.

Two: Mind over matter is real, and it can be used. It is taught by strength and life coaches the world over to get their clients to perform. You don’t need a coach, though. The subconscious mind controls your every action, and the great news is that you can literally program the subconscious using your conscious mind. What you should do is take about 10 minutes out of ever day for a couple of weeks before your first injection (you can start as early as you want, of course) and lay down in your bed or sit in a comfortable chair and then physically relax yourself.

There are a number of ways to do this, but a simple way is to forcibly contract and then consciously release and relax your muscles in small groups starting at your head and working down to your toes. Flex hard and then say ‘relax’ as you release each muscle group. You’ll find that by the time you reach your toes you are in a very relaxed (and therefore suggestible) state. Now, for the next ten minutes, you want to vividly imagine every moment of your injection experience in the best light possible.

Imagine yourself working through the steps confidently, like a veteran. When you get to the actual ‘sticking point’ (haha), you should imagine your putting the needle in with no hesitation, and the needle sliding in smoothly and painlessly, you smiling happily as it goes it. You can even imagine your muscles spontaneously enlarging as the needle goes in, because this will add emotion, excitement, and positive reinforcement to the programming, and it will work all the better.

I promise you, if you will try this every day for 2 weeks prior to your first injection, you will never have another problem shooting for the rest of your life.

And, by the way, this method works with ANYTHING that you have trouble or fear with in your life.

Good luck.