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Test Enth Cycle, PCT and Test Taper help.


I'm about to start my first cycle, meaning I've been extra carefull with the planning, research and PCT. However, there is a big problem I've ran into. I can't get AI's, were I live it's almost impossible to find someone who actually knows what it is, and the places that do sell it are expensive as hell.

I considered the Test Taper Protocol, that way I could run Nolva or Clomid during the cycle as side effect control, and use the left over gear for PCT. However I really got confused with the explanions provided in both stickies. I also don't know when ( if ) I should run HCG to prevent testicular athropy or during PCT to keep most of my gains.

Could anyone give me feedback on this ? I'm unsure if I got the Test Taper right, and I'm also in doubt if I should run Nolva instead of Clomid, since Clomid doesn't suppress IGF-1.


OOPPPPS. I posted the wrong picture in my first post.

Here is the correct one.

My main concern is that such a short stasis period ( 2 weeks ) wouldn't be as beneficial as a long stasis period.

Also, rephrasing my HCG question. I'm thinking about running it 250iu 2x/day before the waiting period, when I'm waiting for the esters to clear out, would that make my recovery easier ? Also, I noticed a bit of an "anti-HCG" vibe from some of the stuff I read in this forum, why is that, there's something I don't know about HCG ?

Another tiny question. I know that if I did a traditional PCT, I'd wait the same amount of time I was on ( 8 weeks ) after the PCT was over, to start another cycle. Would that be the same with the Test Taper ? Or is the Taper itself a bridge between cycles ?

Sorry for not posting in the Taper thread.


Thanks for posting a well-written thread and for including your spreadsheets. If you are using Test E you should have a stasis period of 4-6 weeks where you use 100mg a week (50mg twice a week with Test E). Then you taper down from there. I recommend reading through the sticky again to make sure you have it clear in your mind.

You may continue the hCG during the clearing period, but not during the stasis. You could certainly do this cycle and recover fine without hCG if you wanted, although I would prefer to use it. When you've finished the taper it's a matter of checking whether your natural test production is back strongly.

FYI: I've followed a 10-week cycle with a five week statis period using a SERM, and without the taper, and recovered fully.


Alright, thanks for the reply man. I'll re read the Taper thread.

My cycle will probably look like this ( pic aboce ), I'm a bit uncertain with what I'm doing because, well, it's my first cycle, and I need to be sure everything will be smooth. I'm including Nolva during the cycle to counter gyno, wich I know it's a side I'll have to deal with ( I had gyno from taking Tribulus lol ) and HCG to save up my boys, but I'm thinking about running these two only if such sides start to show. Plus, I'm not so happy about running so much drugs in my system. I'll run HCG during the end of the taper to ensure my normal test levels resume nicely.

Do I have enough taper weeks ? How much should I wait before another cycle ?


Don't use hCG in the stasis/taper. You should probably continue SERM use during the waiting period and stasis. I'd rather use an AI during the cycle and taper off during stasis, but I know you said that's difficult.

The thing with the statis/taper method is that, yes, technically you've gone 8 weeks without being suppressed, but you need to be sure your natural test production is back strongly before you start another cycle. If it was me I would allow a few weeks before beginning a new cycle, because I am a bit more conservative with off time.


Alright man, thanks. I think I have about everything figured it out. I'll try to get an AI, but otherwise I'll have to use the SERM during the cycle.

Thanks for the help man.