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Test Enth 500 + Tbol Starter

Just looking for some help.

500 T Enth/week
25/day TBOL 20 days (starter)

I have Clomid, Arimidex, and Nolva on hand.

What is recommended amount of arimidex/week for this amount of test?
If it takes 3 weeks to build the levels up of test in the system, should we be withholding that amount of adex until week 3?


The appropriate amount of adex for that cycle is this: nobody can tell you. Some guys need none at that dose (I don’t), some need a bit, and some need a lot. You’ll know once you’re a few weeks in. Is this your first cycle?

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Please do not ever stack these together in some notion of controlling E2. You will crash your E2.

Arimidex is a E2 “killer” and the other 2 are SERMS. You really need to know what what you are doing with these meds.

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not first cycle but first time at 500/week test.

just wanted to let you know I have my PCT ready to go. would you run nolva during or adex during the cycle?

@studhammer is your recommended adex dose still 1/100mg of test / week?

Only if you want your e2 in the toilet. Read @iron_yuppie 's comment, then read it again.

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I prefer serms, but only as as a result of high E2 symptoms. IF you need it, you could take 20 mg of nolva/day and increase to 40 in severe cases.

I think this came from KSman, and it is bullshit.

don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good information out there, but there’s also a lot of bad information as well. this forum is split. people promote one methodology hard one year and change it the next. I can see why people are still asking for help on “beginner” cycles. @studhammer what will the indication be for me to go from 20 to 40.

Like you said, the forum is split. I fall on the “no E2 control unless you really need it” side.

Itchy nipples and even nipple tenderness may not really be an issue, just part of the process of increased E2.

With the above stated, I would say lumps under that nipples that continue to grow under the 20 mg dose.

For a reference, here is a blood test of mine where my test and E2 were high but I wasn’t using any E2 control and I felt great, with great erections.

so i wait until i gett lumps under the nipples to increase dosage, what do i take so i don’t get lumps at all?

You’re best of with low dose nolva.

You may not get anything like that. Most of us to not take anything at all. Just have the nolva on hand. If you start to feel something form, then begin the nolva at 20 mg/day.

Yep, I don’t get any. I think the perception is you need it because lots of the guys who do have issues start threads, and that skews the perception of what happens typically.

@studhammer, can you educate me on this?

Is your question about the build up time or waiting on the use of adex? As I mentioned before, I’m not really a fan if adex and prefer nolva. You may or may not experience any issues or you may have tender or itchy nipples, this in itself is not a need for nolva as it will likely subside.

I’ve been down this road before and have used both adex and nolva (separately) and crashed my E2. I’m really trying to stress to you not to be overly focused on rising E2. Its more about the T/E2 ratio than anything. E2 is needed for muscle tissue and erections and libido. What you don’t want is exorbitantly high E2 and low test.

You really need to stay the course, let your body stabilize and be aware of changes, both good and bad, and respond accordingly. AAS or TRT is a long game and you need to be patient.

I guess my question wasn’t really a question - but I appreciate your response. My thoughts were, for those who do run adex on cycle, why do we start the adex week 1 if test levels take 3 weeks to peak? for ease of example, lets just say you needed 1mg adex EOD, would you want to run week 1 and week 2 at .5mg EOD as the test levels rise? I’m just trying to understand this better.

With all that being said, I’m going to take your recommendation on 500mg test e only with no AI or SERM for 10-12 weeks and a quick tbol starter.

How long should you leave the itchy/sensitive nips until you decide to take nolva, do you just ride that out for the cycle length? Is it one of those things that you can take for a week, and then come off it and see if it comes back take it again, or do you stick to the protocol of everyday?

Personally, I would wait until there was some slight indication of a small lump forming under your nipple then start nolva at 20 mg/day. It should make that go away after a couple of weeks. If you dont feel comfortable doing that, take the nolva at the first sign of nipple tenderness, its not going to hurt you and will block the E2 receptors in your breast tissue. Now, I’m not a PCT guy since I’m on year round. You probably should hit up some of the other guys for a good PCT if you plan on cycling only. @iron_yuppie is a great resource.

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