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Test Enenthate to Raise T-Levels?

Is testostrone enthate @ androgel the best way to raise your testostrone or is there a better way to do so my pituitary doesnt produce testostrone @ is testostrone enthate what people talk about when they say there cycle steriods???

Test E is one of the many AASs that people cycle. Test E is a long acting ester of testosterone.

It depends if you’re primary or secondarily hypogonadal. Sometimes you can use HCG, SERM’S(Clomid, Nolvadex), AI’s(Arimidex), or dopamine agonists to increase your test levels if you have secondary hypogonadism. If you’re primary then test injections or Androgel/Testim is the way to go. And sometimes you can have a mix with grey areas. It really depends on your lab values.

is 1340 to high? because i noticed muscle growth without working out.

I was always under the impression that @ was the symbol of at not and. Could I have wrong all this time?