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Test Enathanate eo Sustanon 250

needed 2 more bottles of test enathanate to fininsh my cycle and all my friend can get is 2 bottles of test sustanon.

Am I ok to substitute this and can I continue with E3D injections after i finish the test enathanate or do I have to start injecting while still doing my enathanate or do I have to frontload this as well.

Basically taking 700mg a week of tren enathanate and 500mg a week of test enathanate.With letro as the AI

Any input is appreciated

If all you can get is Sustanon then I don’t see a problem. Really you should inject Sust every other day, so you would need to inject 0.5ml of sust 250 every other day.
I would be surprised if you encountered any problems injecting the Sust at one ml every third day, but as I said the sust should be injected every other day for stable blood levels.
I’ve swapped over types of testosterone e.g sust to eth, sust to prop, eth to cyp, cyp to omnadron and had no problems, so I’m sure you’ll be fine.
do you have PCT?

[quote]buddaboy wrote:

I’ve … had no problems, so I’m sure you’ll be fine.

PLease avoid giving advice based on this type of logic. You are ONE person. You experience hardly represents a large population or any other individual for that mater.

Your advice may be fine but to say that you did good with something so someone else will have the same experience is silly. State facts objectively when discussing scientific subject matter.