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Test Enath E5D

hi finally after researching this will be my cycle
tessto enanthate e5d
i have not access to ai so i will use nolva at 20mg
pct hcg+nolva+clomid
i think it is good for first cycle

Maybe you could explain research by your definition.

ok sorry for trolling but the cycle will be test enanthate every 7 days ata 250mg
and dbol i have 100 tabs of 10mg how to use it??as kick start

Why only 250mg and I would inject more often

i have read many positive reviews and it is m first cycle and also my coach told me that
about the dbol how to use 100 tabs of 25 mg for kick start??

Troll the Steroid Newbie Thread and Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning. You will learn better by reading and researching your self than one of use just telling you. Come back when your done reading those.

Also read Bonz "Read before posting Cycle thread!