Test Enanthate + Winstrol Cycle

Hello guys i come here to get some solid facts about this cycle. Currently I am 6’1 190ilbs at around 10-11%bf. I have been lifting for around 6yrs and seriously been lifting for 3.

This will actually be my 2nd cycle… my first cycle was a Sustanon 250 with winstrol ahwile back almost 6months ago, im looking to put on some serious size and lean up for rowing. The gear i currently have on hand is Winstrol 20mgs tabs, Test enanthate 400mg a vile and clomid for pct.

Week 1-10 Test enanthate 250mg once a week
Week 6-10 Oral Winstrol 20mg daily

i was wondering if there is better test suited for a winny cycle and when should i run the clomid? any other helpful facts will be appreciated.