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Test Enanthate vs Creams/Gels


I'm 51, hypothryroid, on TRT for years. First tried androgel, then other gels/creams/compounding. They work for a while, then fail due to absorption issues, it seems. Rotating sites is a must and I run out of non slimy places to apply. (hypothyroid causes myxedema absorption issues, which I seem to have)

Doc put me on injections, 200MG/week enanthate. I bloated right up, retained water and required a daily diuretic just to urinate. A simple glass of water or unsweet tea would cause belly swelling and difficulty breathing. And, breast enlargement started, ugh. Otherwise, it worked and libido/muscles improved. Horrible side effects.

Now that I've discontinued the enanthate for a month+, my swelling has subsided, I urinate normally, and I feel better. However, I have painful testicles now and zero libido.

I did not seem to have these issues on the gels/creams. No breast enlargement, no intolerable swelling and water retention. Gels/creams only work for a month or so, then fail and I must stop for a while.



I also switched from a gel to injections. I was on 60mg Axiron daily. I started T-cyp, 200mg a week and 500iu HCG twice a week. In the second week I also started to bloat up big time. Super irritable, bitchy, no sex drive, basically going through PMS. I was having classic symptoms of elevated Estradiol (E2). I did have an AI (anastrozole) close at hand but was supposed to wait until first blood draw to see if I needed it. Well, I definitely needed it so I started it immediately. I started with a single .5mg dose and it wasn't quite enough so I took another dose a couple of days later. As soon as I took the second dose I could feel improvement within a couple of hours and all my E2 symptoms resolved by the next day. I did a blood draw when I was at my worst but won't get the results for a few more days. I am now adding .5mg anastrozole twice a week.

From your description above, it sounds like classic high E2 symptoms.


The 200mg/wk is a fairly high TRT dose. Sounds like you weren't absorbing much test with the gel then you get slammed with a intramuscular injection. I don't imagine you were prescribed an AI?


200 mg/week is not a TRT dose for most guys, but a mini-AAS cycle dose. It is unsurprising you had side effects. A more usual TRT dose would be about 80-100 mg/week.


You said you quit the test E for a month , you're shut down. probably why your nuts are aching. No HCG?


There is a lot of good info here. Please read these stickies:
- advice for new guys
- protocol for injections
- thyroid basics - are your body temperatures good with you current thyroid Rx?


200 mg of T Cyp per week is double the medicinal amount, coupled with 1000 IU of HCG per week and you are likely to have supra physiological levels of T and estradiol. You might have done better with 100 mg T per week and HCG 250 IU two or three times per week.


My Endo is a great doc, and really treats my thyroid problem well. However, I'm not sure he's doing the right thing with the "T".

I've been off of it for 2 months now. Testicles have returned to normal size. But, zero sex drive and no possibility of an erection.

I'm also starting to have other low T issues, such as muscle loss. I'm a regular at the gym, yet quite weak and outa shape. I'm really driven and dedicated, yet despite my best effort, I'm not fit. I also eat quite carefully. Matters not, I'm simply not fit or strong. The lack of T is making it worse.

The good thing is that I no longer have bloating or breathing problems. And my gut is working well. (it gets worse on T)

Sad to say, but I might be better off without.


You would probably be doing well if you were doing things differently.

Read those stickies.


Thx. I have, of course, read them, multiple times. Hence my concern with my Endo doc and the way he is treating this. I may be better off going to a different doc. Possibly one that specializes in T replacement and not diabetes/thyroid.

My original post concern remains. Possibly there are fewer side effects with creams/gels?


Transdermals are costly and absorption is aways a crap shoot. Suggest you try injected amounts suggested in the stickies T+AI+hCG


I am just switching from cream to injection. My experience wasnt horrible with cream....routine is fine, test levels did go up, but it wasnt consistent. I would test quarterly and some tests were way high, others way low.

While I felt okay, never felt great and I suspect that was due to the incosistency of abosrbtion.

I am hyper thryroid, so I would have thought I would be a good canadidate for cream, but after a year I am making the switch.

The truth is doctors are generally great, very ethical, so they are programmed to start with the least risky proposition...which is cream.


From an therapeutic outcome point of view, creams are risky.