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Test Enanthate + PCT


THE GOAL: gain some muscle to look better...


1-2weeks 500mg tst/week + arimidex 0.25mg/day
3-5weeks 500mg tst/week + arimidex 0.25mg/day + Proviron 25mg/day
6-11weeks 250mg tst/week + arimidex 0.25mg/day + Proviron 25mg/day

Tribulus terrestris
14 days after last shot Clomid:
1 day 200mg
2-11 days 100mg/day
11-20 days 50mg/day

This is my 2nd cycle. First one i had about a year ago and ran Methandienone + Testosterone enanthate. Now Im running only tst to see how it works for me on its own. I also had some problem with gyno... Nothing serious but ever since i have nipples which stick out a little when i have more than 15 percent bodyfat.

I have studied a lot until i decided to choose these components but pls comment if its efficient and safe. I am also considering going up with arimidex to 0.5mg/day from the 6th week. Also i have some methandienone leftovers from last cycle so do you recon it would be good to run lets say 20mg/day for 2 weeks in the beginning? And final question how much do you think i could gain from this cycle?


IMHO the arimidex could be used at 0,25mg EOD or even E3D. It's important to control estrogen, but not get it too low. You need to evaluate the first time you use testosteron how much Adex you'll need. Too much will kill libido and limit gains.

@ 500mg Test E I'm fine with 0,25mg E3D.

@ 750mg Test E I need like 0,50 EOD.

Although this is personal. Start low and if your nips start to itch (not just sensitive, but itching etc)

Checking morning wood is my trick :slight_smile:


Really don't think you're supposed to be posting sources....


thx for advice on that arimidex :wink:... so otherwise everything looks good???



looks good, but 250 is still a low dose IMO. 500 should be your goal through out the cycle. Plain and simple.