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Test. Enanthate / Finaplix

Ok…just finished a 5 week cycle of 1 gram of Test. Enanthate/week. Gained about 12lbs, 188lbs to 200lbs. Strength increased dramatically…this is what I am training for…not necessarily hypertrophy. It seemed, though, that I retained quite a bit of water. I am staying off now for 5 weeks before my next cycle. I have plenty of Test, and will stack it with Finaplix. What Test. dosage should I use with the Finaplix, if planning another 5 week cycle? Any other steroid you would recommend that would better serve me to #1 increase my power, and #2 keep water retention down (preferably weight down). I have used Halotestin in the past. Any suggestions?

obviously you wouldn’t want to use T if you’re concerned about water retention. There are plenty of other steroids that you could use that would yield less water retention and still get you some good strength gains. Oxandrolone seems to be the steroid that is known best for strength increases with littl hypertrophy and water retention. Primo, winny, and fina are all good choices too. IMO, you should probably stay off longer than 5 weeks, but its your choice of course. Also, a 12 lb. weight gain for using 1 gram of T per week isn’t exactly that dramatic of a weight gain. Were you cutting calories? Anyhow, good luck with your next cycle JRR.

Scott…yep I knew I would retain some water with Test., just not as much as I felt I did. I did cut calories a bit. I had put on about 15lbs after three weeks and did not want to gain too much fat. My diet is/was very clean. In any case, how long would you recommend staying off before starting the 2nd cycle? Thanks for the input

Staying off for 5 weeks isn’t bad I guess. If it were me though, I would stay off for 8-10 weeks just to be on the safe side. Otherwise you’re “on” half the time. Why a 5 week cycle JRR?? Have you had bad experiences with 8 or 10 week cycles?? Also, if you’re going to do that Test/Finaplix 5 week cycle, I would definitely consider throwing some oxandrolone (25mg/day) in the mix. That should give you some great strength gains.

The reason for the 5 week cycle was that I hadn’t been “on” in over 10 years. I wanted to see how my body reacted to the Test. over a shorter period of time. on my nexy cycle, if I add 25mg/day of Oxandralone, and 75Mg/day of Finaplix…how much Test. should I use? I assume cut back to about 300mg, twice/week? Should I up that cycle to 8 weeks? Thanks again

If you were to use Fina at 75mg/day (525mg/week)and Oxandrolone at 25mg/day (175mg/week) and T-enanthate at 600mg/week you’re doing 1,300mg weekly which is slightly more than your last cycle. You probably will still retain more water than desired with the 600mg of T weekly (possibly as much as with the 1g of T/week). However, that would make for a very good cycle, with good gains in strength and hypertrophy provided you do it for 6-10 weeks. If you don’t want the inevitable water retention that you’ll get from the T, then just use less T combined with the 25mg/day of oxa, the 75mg/day of Fina and possibly add some winstrol. For the length of the cycle, that’s up to you. Most people tend to stick to 6-8 weeks or in some cases 10 weeks (you may already know this). If you think your body did fine with the 5 week you just did then why not do an 8 weeker. Consider staying off for double the time (10 weeks) if you decide on a longer cycle for health reasons. Let me know what you decide to do.

Scott…Thanks for the help. Stanazolic was recommended in place of the Oxandralone. What are your thoughts? I will go with the 8 week cycle as opposed to less, and I will take more time off in between.

This is fine and dandy for you guys who don’t mind spending big dough on juice. Anavar, winstrol just doesn’t do me justice dollar for dollar. IMO definetly throw in the Fina and try Test Prop instead of enanthate. You will probably be better off with longer cycles. The cheapest thing I use to keep my water retention down is plain ole clomid when I use enanthate or d-bol. Simplicity my friend

I agree with nandro about making sure you get your money’s worth. I assumed (i may be wrong)that JRR wasn’t too concerned with money since his last cycle was 1 gram/week of T which isn’t exactly cheap.

Stanazolic or Oxandrin (along with your T and Fina) would both work well for your 8 week cycle. Most likely, it will cost you more money for the stanazolic. If I were you, I would use oxandrolone since it will give you more strength gains than the winny and is also more cost-effective. However, the stanazolic might help with your water retention. Also, make sure you use clomid, preferably 50mg EOD during your cycle and 50mg ED post-cycle for 2-4 weeks since you’ll be using T. Did you use clomid in your last cycle?

With T enanthate there isn’t much (if any) benefit of doing 2 weekly injections. Cut back to one big dose or use a shorter-acting injectable if you like pricking yourself every day.

Yep…used clomid. No problems on that front at all. At the end of the day, I will stick with 500mg/week of Test. and 75mg/day of Fina. I will go with an 6-8 week cycle. In my summer cycle I will add the Stanazolic or Oxandralone. Thanks for all the input.

I was curious about this so called enanthate you were cycling… It must be good stuff of you gainded 12 pounds of muscle (or water) in 5 weeks. Were and how did you get it, and how much does a 5 week cycle cost.



Testosterone hungry fool

1/4 of an arimidex tablet every 5th day(it s all you need really) along with testosterone enanthate=no water retension, no gynecomastia, no testicular-shrinkage, no considerable lowering of ones own testosterone production. If the testosterone doesn t aromatize too mutch(thanks to arimidex), then you obviously have more testosterone.

aron, i don’t think your “1/4 of an arimidex tablet every 5th day” rule is set in stone. Clomid is easier to get and cheaper than armidex. Clomid is just as effective at preventing gyno and shrinkage (not mg per mg) as armidex if used correctly. I’m unaware that either of the two are very effective at preventing water retention. Individuals vary.

Ok… I feel that water retention is almost entirely due to high estrogen levels…You don t get puffy while on winstrol…because it doesn t aromatize to estrogen.simple.Clomid cheaper than arimidex? well…if you only have to use 1/4 of a tablet of arimidex every 5th day, it doesnt really matter, does it? Clomid is not very good because something like 50% of the injected testosterone is still wasted(turned to estrogen!)…What do you want? estrogen or testosterone? Only something like arimidex can control the amount of testostrone converted to estrogen. Now, the dosage…I can only refer to my own and a few other peoples experience, but 1/4 of a tab. seems to be enouh while on 5000mg of testosterone enanthate. Just try it! through the whole cycle.Take bloodtests to measure estrogen levels…Make adjustments.but there is absolutely no way that anyone will ever need one tab. of it every day. no way.