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Test Enanthate Effectiveness Time


Bit of tortured English in the title. I'll explain below.

This post is to prove something to someone I know. If those of you who have experience with testosterone enanthate only cycles could please post your experiences, I would kindly appreciate it. Just a sentence or two is fine, but please try and be clear and specific.

My question is simple: On a test enth cycle only cycle, employed normally (no frontload), about how long did/does it take for you to start noticing results? By, notice results, I mean, you had a clear, tangible sense that something was actually happening, you could feel the gear "working," per se. This does not have to be confined to the typically intended benefits of steroid use, such as muscle or strength gain.

I'll refrain from posting my own answer until later, to keep this as unbiased as possible, as the issue is a bit of a contentious one between us.

Thanks for your participation.


If memory serves me correctly, over seven days but less than fourteen. My best gains ever were from 750mg Enan a week only cycle.
However, I blast and cruise and haven't gone over 1350mg a week before, max is usually a gram on blast, 200-300mg on a cruise.
I like test only cycles.


5 weeks for strength and size gains, but libido and oily skin comes sooner than that, probably 2-3 weeks

edit: dose 500 mg/week


Muscle gain
Before week 5 on 500mg/wk

Around week 3 on 750mg/wk

Work capacity
Around the two week mark for each

Oily skin/libido
1 week for either.


On 500 a week I noticed a slight work capacity increase around 2.5-3 weeks. Strength gains started about week 3-4, and then muscle gain/changes in body composition were noticeable by week 6-7, although to be noticeable by then obviously started slightly before.

Bacne started about 2 weeks in, oily skin was always an issue.

Libido boost was about 1.5-2 weeks in, but not as crazy as some people say.

I was only on 500mg test E and .25mg adex EOD at that time.


I always frontload and always recommend frontloading, so don't have personal testimony of not frontloading. In terms of other cases, years back when I was taking steroid questions by e-mail, it was an incredibly common question of when testosterone enanthate or cypionate kicked in, by those who did not frontload.

Had to be at least 100 times, maybe 200 times, that someone would have used one of these for 2 weeks and doubted that anything was happening yet and wanted to know when it would kick in. Of course these were low or moderate doses. If using for example 2000 mg/week then that will be noticed in the first week regardless of not frontloading.

Not many instances at the 3 week point. Quite possibly all of those were attributable to bunk gear, or lame dosages. I would guess that to be the case.


I always feel it between 24-48 hours post injection. I also normally get a morning boner that I can't get rid of till about 11am. I can also feel the peaks and troughs from twice weekly dosage. Its much smoother to inject 3x per week IMO.

I recently started a new run with test cypionate, which is pretty similar. I'm running 900mg per week, and I frontloaded a total of 1.8g. I'm starting to bloat up already and its only been about 7 days which is much quicker than when I've used less test. I am quite estrogen sensitive though.


Excellent, this is exactly what I was expecting to read. I appreciate your input, gentlemen.

My personal experience is, without frontloading, it was not until week 3 that I could honestly say "Okay, something different is going on here." My first time was just under 600mg/week, and I did not see the honest fruits of my labor(ious injecting :wink:, when my strength and weight started shooting up. I believe I put on around 35lbs my first cycle at the end of 12 weeks. But yes, if I'd started questioning things at the 2 week mark (I did not), I would have been stressing myself out very unnecessarily.


When I ran Test enanthate at 750/week I felt "something" happening at around 10-14 days without frontloading. Significant gains in strength/muscle started coming at around 4 weeks in though

Incidentally when I frontloaded I didn't experience anything any quicker than just a normal start, so I wont bother to do it again


I get a noticeably faster effectiveness from my drugs, but not quite as fast as I hear some guys claim around the boards. That's why I pretty much only use short esters. Solves that problem very nicely.


This was a very interesting read for me as I am exactly 2 weeks in to my first ever cycle of test e 500mg/week today. I honestly dont feel any real significant change in the gym as of yet,maybe increased pump. My libido is I think generally high usually however have caught myself murmering to my self when I catch sight of certain females! teste size is maybe slightly down if anything. What i am wondering is when did your guys weight significantly increase week wise?