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Test Enanthate Dosage


Ive just started on Test Enanthate doing 150mg per week for a trt dose.Ive been reading from various places that its best to split the dose to twice per week. Ive also read that 5-7 days for each 150mg jab is best. And some say every 7 days is fine as Test Enanthate has a 10 day half life. So basically im confused as to which method is best!

Any advice would be grateful and sorry if this has been asked before. Im a newb around here!


Read the stickies at the top for starters. There is a TON of great information there to help you get educated.

As to your question, take 1/2 of your dose, twice a week. So 75mg on Monday, and then 75mg again on Thursday (or whatever two days you choose). This helps to maintain more stable levels, helps keep E2 in check as well.

Thanks for the help. I did check the trt sticky for trt but as it was done in 2009 i thought maybe things had changed over those 5 years. But apparently not that much. I will take your advice and split the dose :slight_smile:

Hey wasup do you no were I can get test e