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Test Enanthate Cycle 250mg/Week, PCT?

Hi all, i will start my cycle TEST E 250 MG PER WEEK. I just want help with PCT ! Do i need pct or no, if i need what should i use !

250 mg a week is enough for shut down, so you will need pct. I am not an expert by any means. Just figured I would answer to what I know.

Also, 250 a week is lower than any recommendation I have seen, but still enough for complete shutdown. Why not go a bit higher, 400 or 500 a week is generally recommended.

I also don’t know much but 250 is low, and it’s always better to be safe then sorry! I would run a PCT 2 weeks after your last pin and you should be fine with just taking nolva.

I would also do 500 a week if I were you. 250 every 3.5 days.

Always makes me laugh when people start a thread asking advice, but than the same person goes onto other threads and offers advice on the very subject they obviously know very little about.

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I also stated that I don’t know a lot. But I’m also not wrong so shut up.

So just to start everybody is going to want to know your stats when you post.

I have been through two cycles of test e and I waited ten years and read a shitload before finally at 33yo. 250mg is a waste. Your first cycle will net you the biggest gains. 500 should be the lowest you go if you want to see result IMO.
I want to add what others are saying also. You def need PCT. I would run Nolva 50/50/50 and Clomid 100/50/50/50/25/25. I know that sounds a little longer than most but Clomid alone gets my Bloodwork up to 920.

i was thinking the samething hahaha just read the hollywoodtatted Topic before i saw this post. so stupid

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Okay nolva and clomid ! I will start it 2 weeks after last injection ! + For how long

If you read people will say 4 weeks but everyone is different. I like to run clomid longer because it will bring your T levels higher than Pre-Cycle (at least for me).

When should i start it ! For how long ? What the dosage ! I am going to use only clomid .

Since you are taking Test E it’s a long Ester so you are going to need to wait till at least 2 weeks after your last pin. I would start out with 100 clomid daily (no need to split the dose it doesn’t work that way) and then the next 2-4 weeks 50 a day. Then you can do 25 after or when you notice your nuts feeling full and thick. I like clomid so I tend to run it longer. If you want to do that I would grab some anastrozal. Also not bad to have it in case you are sensitive to Test. If your nipples start getting itchy I think it’s the last warning before you grow titties. I doubt that is going to happen but you never know.

250 a week? DOn’t waste your money or shut down your HPTA for nothing. It’s dumb. Start at 400 or 500 a week for 10-16 weeks.

My HRT dose is 400mg a week. That puts me at the top of the normal range. (1120 ref 400-1080)

400mg to get to 1120??? Holy shit man, that’s wild. 200mgs of my TRT gets me to just under 1100. Perfect example of how highly individual this stuff is.

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It really is highly individual.

But you being on 200 putting you to 1100 proves my original point. 250mg is a waste of a cycle. It’s much closer to a TRT dose.

Oh absolutely. If you’re going to go through a cycle and pct then make it worth it.

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You shouldn’t be advising people such ridiculous doses, this isn’t 2003 anymore where the gold standard is 500mg of test as a base no matter what.

I just ran a test E cycle of 250mg/week for 12 weeks.

Went from 200 to 230 by the end of week 9.

Currently running nolva as pct, 40/20/20.

Such a low dose doesn’t need anything extra.

100% wrong. Your body doesn’t care if it’s 250 or 500, after 12 (which is actually 14+) weeks your natural production is effectively zero. Pct is the same irrespective.

Why are you bringing up a 3 year old thread then?