Test Enanthate 500mg/wk + Anadrol

Already on TRT due to secondary hypogonadism. This is going to be my first cycle.
height= 6 ft 2
weight= 82kg
bodyfat= 16%
4 years of training with 2 years of good diet… little to no gain because I never knew I had low t.

-week 1-15: Test e 250mg twice a week
-week 1-17: arimidex 0.5mg twice a week (I have Gyno already so don’t hate me for this)
-week 11-15: Anadrol (25mg ED for 2 weeks and 50mg ED for last 2 weeks)
I already have anadrol tablets so I want to use them to pack some muscles.
-week 15-17: HCG (5000iu overload with 250iu eod)
For PCT: I am thinking of getting back to TRT with hcg 250iu eod…after weeks 17. Would that be fine or should I use SERMS first?

I am already on 7th week of test enathate with 5kg weight gain most of which is water gain imo.
I already have anadrol tablets so I wanted to adjust them somewhere in my cycle. Would that be a good option because right now I want to gain some good muscle mass with little to no fat gain.
Calories are about 500 more than maintenance and this might be a good reason why I am losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time.
I’d be thankful for any help.
(ignore any writing mistake English is my second language lol)

What did your initial labs look like? Do you have them? How long have you been on TRT? Are you saying you are 5 weeks into TRT or into the cycle already?

Into cycle.
I have been on trt for about 4 months before this cycle.


Raloxifene or surgery will help with this. Arimidex won’t.

When you say PCT, you’re really going back to a low cruise (TRT). Were you taking HCG before?

You know anadrol can cause mysterious gyno, right? And it isn’t controllable with an AI? For someone with existing gyno that is probably the worst steroid to add to a cycle. Almost anything else would have been easier to manage than drol.

do you recommend any orals for muscle gain or should I just run test as my first cycle?
A stupid question btw…can I use drol before my Gyno surgery which I’ll have after few months and then stay away from drol for future cycles?
On trt I take 0.25 arimidex twice a week to keep my E2 levels normal and preventing Gyno to expand.

Before TRT:
LH:3.82mIU/mL 1.7-8.6
FSH:1.66mIU/mL 1.5-12.4

On TRT after 3 months:
Testosterone= 1026 ng/dl 250-1100
Free testosterone= 33pg/ml 7-29
E2= 26 10-45
T3=102 58-159
T4= 7.32 5.39-12.15
Prolactin= 4.33

How were you diagnosed with secondary hypo when you have in range TT and more than adequate FT? At your age I feel this was irresponsible unless you had several follow up tests. Yeah your FSH/LH are low but LH is pulsatile and FSH varies highly in short order. If you had high SHBG with those TT numbers and low FT, I could see it… but hopping on TRT at 20 with those results is just well… I’ve got nothing nice to say.

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I had myself tested several times. TT and FT both here are when I was taking vitamin D supplement ,zinc, magnesium tablets and boron so they were a bit higher than before… For about a year. At the age of 20 these levels peak from what I have studied. Each time the tests came back in the very low normal range.I have tried restart with nolvadex, hcg but nothing worked. Other than the lab tests, I had most of the symptoms which are way better now. No morning wood, no muscle gain even with proper diet and training, depression and so on.
Thank you for your concern. Any advice regarding the cycle?

Yes, what @iron_yuppie said above. Drop the Anadrol. Lower the adex dose but I understand starting with something. PCT is a non issue when you are on TRT. You just revert back to TRT or you can taper your Test a bit back to the TRT levels.

If you must run an oral and have gyno… Tbol is a good option. No anadrol, no dbol, or any highly aromatizing compound.


As others have said, no PCT for you. You basically just up the test dose for your blast, then go back to TRT dose and cruise. No SERMs, and you can maintain the HCG throughout if you want.

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so like if my cycle ends at week 15, I should get back on TRT from the next day or should I wait a week for testosterone levels to get back a bit low and then start TRT?

Just resume your trt on whatever your schedule would have been. Meaning if your last injection of 250mg was on Friday then your next injection of whatever trt dose is would resume Monday. Then from there you just keep doing what you did before.

PS your e2 is pretty low considering how high your testosterone levels are. (Based on your trt numbers above) If you have gyno surgery then this will eliminate the risk of future gyno since they remove the whole gland.

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Thanks for the information. Can you recommend any other oral since Tbol and Anavar are not available here?

even if its “in range” doesnt mean its optimal, we are talking about a 20 year old who had grandpa t levels, come on.

More blasphemy spewed by people that want others to join the TRT crowd. “Hes got old man T levels”. Bullshit. Not everybody was blessed with the T levels of a god and not everybody needs them. Now, if he was having all the symptoms and tested multiple times…ok. But that crap you just said gets old quick.


he did get tested mutlitple times.

Even if you dont present symptoms related to low T, doesnt mean you wouldnt feel better and look better overall if your t levels where higher.
i have yet to met a decently muscular guy with lower end T levels, so i disagree with your premise.
Why would you waste your 20s with lower end T when you could feel and look better on the higher end of T levels? obviously under a doctor supervision.

Yes he clarified this after my asking and original comment.

Not necessarily true at all.

Oh so that’s the first thing you ask when you meet a muscular guy… “whats your T level bro?”

Many reasons… you value the viability of your fertility for starters. There are a host of side effects that manifest in many… are the serious ones rare… sure. But he’s 20 bro. You’ve been drinking the Kool-aid too much.

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You should research what historical T level “normal” ranges are for men. It’s quite entertaining how low the “normal” range has fallen.

My 2 cents.