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Test Enanthate 300mg/Wk

Hello guys,

Do you think 300mg of Test enanthate/w is enough? Should I do one shot a week or 2 shots 150mg each? (Monday and Thursday)
I will also add 40mg tbol/d.

You need to do two shots. Monday and Thursday would work. Otherwise your blood levels will be out of whack and you’ll have more side effects and worse results.

I did 325 mg/wk with anavar for the last 7 weeks. Wish I would have just done 500 mg/wk. IMO it makes a pretty big difference in what people report. 300 mg is only a bit over trt, so yes you will get gains, but it won’t be as profound.

It’s good for muscle retention while in a deficit but not ideal for building muscle while in a surplus when you can eat that same amount but do 500mg and get twice the gainzzzzz. You bout them gainz or nah?

Hello guys!

Please can you help my with some advices? I’m a bit confused with the information i found online.

2 months ago I finished my first cycle (oral)of tbol (7weeks) + proviron (4weeks).

Now I plan to do my first injectable cycle and I will use Test e 300mg/w ( split in 2 shots) for 10 weeks.
Do you think should I do Test e only cycle or I can stacked with tbol 30mg - 40mg/d?

Second question should I take tamoxifen 10mg/d or proviron 25mg/d during the cycle?

2 weeks after my last injection I will start the following PCT: 1 day 250mg clomid + 60mg tamoxifen.
10 days 100mg clomid + 40mg tamoxifen.
10 days 50mg clomid + 20mg tamoxifen.

Guys i know sounds a bit weird but I really don’t want to gain quite a lot of muscle.
I heard stories you can gain up to 12 - 15kg …
Personally I’m more than happy with 5 - 7kg and after the PCT if I can keep at least half , will be amazing!
Thanks in advance for your help!

300mg test E will probably disappoint you. It’s enough to break a plateau, but not much over a TRT dose for gaining muscle.

How did you like the Tbol? Did you not run it with testosterone? Orals should always be run with testosterone as a base.

You don’t need to run tamoxifen on cycle. It’s a pct drug and also used to shrink existing gyno, its not the best at preventing gyno.

First cycle it was just tbol (7weeks) + proviron (4 weeks) without a testosterone as a base. Probably this is one of the reasons I lost most of my gains :confused:!
Understood regarding tamoxifen, should I use proviron instead or something else, or only test e? Do you recommend liver protector?

Not sure what your goals are, but proviron will not cause any muscle gains. It’s basically a libido pill.

Also, did you run HCG as part of your pct? You should start HCG the day of your last pin on cycle as a bridge to your proper pct with Nolva and clomid. This will get your balls working again immediately.

If it were me I would run 500-600mg test for 12 weeks + an oral like Tbol or anadrol for the first 4-6 weeks, then switch to winstrol or anavar for the rest of the cycle to cut up. All assuming your pre cycle lab work all looks good and you know what the side effects of these compounds do.

I will add HCG as part of my PCT .
I have read lots of comments and some people saying to start HCG in the last 4 weeks of the cycle.
Do you think is better to start straight after my last pin?

Last 4 weeks is good too. You can run it for the whole cycle if you wanted.

Hello guys,

Please can I receive a bit of help from you :pray:!?

I plan to do my first injectable cycle of test e , 300mg/w for 10 weeks.

I don’t know if to add also tbol 40mg/d for 7/w or proviron 25mg/d for 5/w or to do only test e cycle.

Do I need to add a small dose of armidex or tamoxifen during the cycle? just to prevent gyno.
I am very confused and worried about how to run this cycle properly from A-Z!

Beside Clomid and Tamoxifen do I need to include also HCG for the PCT? If the answer is YES how and when to stat using HCG?

I was thinking at the following PCT :

100mg clomid + 40mg tamoxifen 10 days;
50mg clomid + 20mg tamoxifen 10 days.

Thank very much :pray:!

Why such high doses? And you don’t need both drugs together. I like Tamoxifen cos it has less side effects. 40/40/20/20 should be plenty.

If you want to use HCG take 500iu EOD during the 4 week period between your last T shot and the start of your PCT

Because I am thinking my cycle is not very strong, I don’t know if I have to use or not HCG.

I also have in my hands tbol (200 tablets - 10mg) and proviron (50 tablets - 25mg)I Should i stack them with Test e, or not?
Thanks for your previous answer!!

Honest to God, I feel like someone said this exact same thing a week ago. My advice remains the same: do not do this, it is unnecessary and will lead to more side effects with no additional benefit.

Nolva for six weeks at 20mg/d is more than enough. If you want to use HCG then you do it between your last test dose and the start of your pct, which should be three weeks. If you choose not to use it that’s fine. It’s helpful but not required. And make your cycle two weeks longer. You’ll thank me later.

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It was the same guy that made this thread, he keeps repeating.

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