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Test Enanthate 300mg/wk Only Cycle or Stacked with Tbol?

Hello guys!

Please can you help my with some advices? I’m a bit confused with the information i found online.

2 months ago I finished my first cycle (oral)of tbol (7weeks) + proviron (4weeks).

Now I plan to do my first injectable cycle and I will use Test e 300mg/w ( split in 2 shots) for 10 weeks.
Do you think should I do Test e only cycle or I can stacked with tbol 30mg - 40mg/d?

Second question should I take tamoxifen 10mg/d or proviron 25mg/d during the cycle?

2 weeks after my last injection I will start the following PCT: 1 day 250mg clomid + 60mg tamoxifen.
10 days 100mg clomid + 40mg tamoxifen.
10 days 50mg clomid + 20mg tamoxifen.

Guys i know sounds a bit weird but I really don’t want to gain quite a lot of muscle.
I heard stories you can gain up to 12 - 15kg …
Personally I’m more than happy with 5 - 7kg and after the PCT if I can keep at least half , will be amazing!
Thanks in advance for your help!

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